When I Became A Mom For The First Time

I remember setting my eyes on what seemed to be two faint pink lines on a pregnancy test before I knew it I blew up like a beach ball, hormonal and craving Doritos with mayonnaise!
The whole journey to becoming a Mom wasn’t a fun journey, it wasn’t easy. But, looking back at the journey itself, it’s unforgettable. And, it definitely was well worth the stretch marks, and sleepless nights. It finally dawned on me that once upon a time I was just pregnant and in a blink of an eye I’m looking at that “used to be jelly bean object in my belly”, he is grown-up two years old (going on three) to be exact! I don’t think I’ve ever imagined how fast children grow. Especially mine I will always refer them as my babies, regardless of their age. I honestly remember just yesterday making funny faces to hear the soft, coos, and aahs a new infant would make. And, now I hear full on sentences from an energetic, active, intelligent two years old to be honest, won’t stop talking!
My two-year-old, Skyler-Ian, my first-born is starting preschool this year. I found myself babbling stories of when he used to be a newborn to the school registrar, while I filled out his school paperwork. I’m sure she didn’t care, but, I cared. Relentlessly, I still told her my stories whether she listened or not, and then it really hit me, Skyler-Ian is going to school!! I think it was then that I realized I’m more of a nervous wreck than my son! After completing paperwork, I talked to Sky about school, and that he was going to go be with his friends for a few hours and that I would pick him up in the afternoon, and that in school they learn numbers, colors, the alphabet and color and have fun toys to learn and play with! I could see in his curious, little face trying to grasp the idea of “going to school” and it’s meaning. After what I thought seemed like a legitimate lecture on going to school, the only thing that Skyler-Ian grasped was “coloring and toys”. Yep, there goes my well-prepared speech out the window! (Haha). Oh well, it didn’t hurt to try.
Little did I know my two-year-old was about to shock me. On a regular basis, I teach Sky with workbooks, flash cards and games about spelling, numbers, colors and the alphabet. Things he would essentially learn in school. I’m pleased to say (and brag) that he can recite his ABC’s, count 1-20 in English, and 1-15 in Spanish. Knows his colors and can spell “first words” (example: cat, bat, yak, etc.) Essentially, I favor the educational movies and learning apps. I veer from “regular shows” and things like fighting, cursing, etc. although, I know it is inevitable as soon as he gets into school he will learn things that I’ve taught him as “wrong”. Anyways, today I randomly asked Skyler-Ian, “What do you want to be when you grow-up?” and like any other toddler he answered “bigger!” hand gestures and all, the exact answer I wanted to hear! And, then to my surprise, he goes “I want to be a Doctor, so I have to go to school and so later I can buy toys!” and, imagine a little two-year-old saying all this a grinning from ear to ear with complete satisfaction and completely pleased with his answer. I looked at my Husband and we just smiled and laughed! My smart boy, the things his little imagination conjures! I’ve never told Skyler what he can or cannot be when he grows-up, so to hear what his little innocent mind had to say made me smile. I’m so proud of my two-year-old and I can’t wait to see what is in store for him in the future! I know the day I send him off to preschool; I’ll imagine the day I finally held him in my arms as a newborn ready to take on the world. I’m so blessed and grateful for my Skyler-Ian.

Pinky Guerrero


2 thoughts on “When I Became A Mom For The First Time

  1. I’m no where being a mom/parent, but reading your blog really made me tear and really touched me. Pinky, I don’t know you quite well, but bumping into you randomly at places (Karaoke place, Church, Facebook, Filipino stuffs..) since we were 14, I felt and know you were meant for something big. You’re caring personality, being funny, and just a joy to be around will get you where you want to be.. just keep doing what you’re doing hun 🙂


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