How My Car Got Robbed

I’d be lying if I said that not every day is a struggle. I have always believed in the saying

with every bad comes a good

and vice versa. Now, that can be looked at in many different perspectives. I try to look at it as every good will have something bad because you have to work hard and overcome struggles in order to accomplish anything. So where I last left off, Sky started kinder and things have been a smooth sail. But, of course

with every good comes a bad

. Several cars (mine being one of them) were ransacked & burglarized in my neighborhood. = luckily & thankfully, my car mainly consists of toys, diapers, wipes, a stroller, two car seats, trash & barely any spare change. Although, I did
leave my old couch purse and wallet that were emptied out cause I switched bags… That was taken. Nonetheless, my car is in one piece. Lucky. The only thing that bothered me was knowing that someone could do that while my family and I were sleeping in the comfort & safety of our home. And, then came the unexpected withdrawal from kinder. Mind you, my son is only three he was way too young to be in kinder. But, it was a nice trial run. So, after all the madness, amidst all the chaos, Spencer got sick with a viral infection known as, herpangina. Which are tiny sores or lesions on the back of the throat? It is caused by the coxsackievirus. (how’s that for a quick micro bio lesson?!). Anyways, no antibiotics, strictly pain medication & some magic mouthwash. We are on day 5 of


.. Restless, crabby, not eating, not drinking, completely in pain. I hate it. I feel so bad!! But, with prayers, he will be healed!!

So, we have had a few bad days lately, and with Skyler’s 4th birthday just 3 days away – we are hopeful that the best is yet to come. We remember that God has a reason and timing for everything. =]

Staying positive. Here is also an update on the growing baby bump =]


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