The Ultimate Showdown Wife vs Mother

I recently came across my friends blog regarding

Marriage vs Baby

. You an check-out her blog here! =] upon reading it, I was definitely blown away. She hit every little fine detail of what I’ve been feeling! It was comforting to know, that I wasn’t the only one trying to master the task of motherhood and marriage! My Husband and I have known each other since we were young kids in kindergarten. We grew-up together, attended the same schools & sometimes shared the same classes. In our sixth grade year (2000), my family and I had moved to Arizona. I personally had lost contact with friends and only kept in contact with a few thru aol instant messenger (member AIM? From back in the day?! Talk about throw back). Ric and I talked, chatted here and there but, would always lose contact. He and his family ended up moving to Las Vegas, Nevada during his high school year. In 2006, my family and I went on vacation to Las Vegas and I had given Ric a call to see if we could reunite after 5 years!! Long story short, we were reunited & the rest went down in history for what I believe is one of the greatest, heart wrenching, love stories EVER! Better than the Notebook ;] but, that’ll probably be another blog, on another day.
Ric and I have been best friends for many years, and as soon as motherhood became a factor and responsibilities changed from being, focusing on just

us two

, we were now not only living for ourselves but, for two (soon to be three) important little individuals that go above us. Who are more important then who we are, and our wants and needs. I’ve recently realized online college, motherhood, pregnancy, wife duties were more time consuming then what I had imagined. Even after graduating college, and simply tackling motherhood, pregnancy and wife duties is still hard to manage. Or balance. Ric, working full-time from 6am-6pm Monday thru Saturday also takes a toll on him. By the end of the day, we are both beat. We simply forgot how it was to be just

us two

, well, I certainly have at least. I spend all day/night with two toddlers, that sometimes, unfortunately I find myself treating my Husband like a toddler (sorry, Ric)! With my pregnancy, household duties, and being a Mom, I forget that my Husband also has needs, wants and of course my attention and time as well. Now and then, we have date nights, or couples night, to spend time with each other. That we find ourselves talking about our kids (95%) of the time. Oh, parenthood. ;] Luckily, thankfully, Ric has been understanding & trying to help as much as he can, when he can. Bless his heart. Thankfully, Ric and I talk about everything, and like to work things out. We focus on our children, our foundation of love and Christ. And, we love one another unconditionally. Marriage is work and joy all on its own, and along with parenthood these are the things I’m constantly learning about. Learning to balance being a wife and mother equally is always a challenge as Motherhood has become second nature. But, I know I have a great other half who is patient, and willing to work with me. So for now, our juggle of date nights, doing chores together or simply talking about our kids can definitely bring the hearts closer.


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