36 weeks/ 25th birthday blog

I turned 25 this year on 11-11 =) very blessed, grateful for everything and everyone who has been a positive influence in my life. This year bad been the most rewarding, challenging ever! But, luckily with Christ on my side, my family and great friends I’ve been able to stay grounded. But, before we get into the birthday festivities, let’s do a recap of the weekend.

I officially, am 36 weeks!! Not much to it really, just anxious! Anywho- on the 9th, my Husband and I along with our kids joined Discount Tire Company in the “Light the night: leukemia and lymphoma society walk.” DTC, raised over $16,000!! =) On the 10th, StoopidLow along with Team AfterMath hosted a canned food drive. We collected cans for military families in need. After the event, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at our friends house and once we got home my Husband thoughtfully got me a cupcake complete with a lit candle! =)

On my birthday, we spent lunch with my family and for dinner went to Texas Roadhouse with my StoopidLow family! It was delicious and so much fun! As, soon as that was done, went home got the kids ready for bed and off to bed I went. Haha!!



Here is team AfterMath and StoopidLow at our event!


Here is my early birthday cupcake from my Husband =)


One of my friends thoughtfully got me a non-alcoholic beverage for my birthday! It was delicious!! =)

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