And, Then There Were Three

Ah, yes, just when I had the pair of twos down to the ‘T.’ Katelynn, joined the group and I now have to do everything in threes. Meaning three baths, three mouths to feed, three bathroom breaks, three outfit changes, etc. My boys are independent and usually don’t needmy physical help, just vocal guidance at times. And, since Katelynn is still a baby her needs aren’t as demanding. I LOVE my three musketeers! I’ve already envisioned Halloween costumes, outfits for pictures or parties. I’m so blessed, grateful that God answered my prayers. =]


My cousin Johanna recently had a baby as well on November 14th, she and I are very close and were born four days apart. Our kids her son Anthony and my Daughter Katelynn are 17 days apart!! We thought that was pretty cool!! Here is a picture of my cousin and I on the bottom, and our kids on top!

[top photo (right to left): Katelynn & Anthony, bottom photo (right to left): Me and Johanna]

This year for Christmas we were quite behind, so literally only the kids get gifts this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get everything done prior giving birth. So, my large family, will most likely receive hugs, kisses, lots of love for Christmas. Seriously. I thought about joining in on the last minute rush to gather as much as I can, but, with two toddlers and a newborn tackling several stores in different locations doesn’t seem appealing. So, arts and crafts it is!!
Wishing you all joy and health!

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