Happy New Year, Welcome 2014!

Happy New Year my valued readers! Like every year, I always wish nothing but the best for everyone. Until, I came to realize it isn’t up to me or anyone else how a year starts or ends. It all starts with you. And, it honestly shouldn’t take any holiday for you to be thankful, or for you to “change for the better”. These should be automatic things. We should always cherish our lives, our time spent with one another. It all begins with a good attitude. I shouldn’t be the one preaching because I know I have a slight tendency to eat my own words at times. Anyways, Thus, 2014 has begun, and it feels no different than changing the date. There will be new ventures, new struggles, blessings and disappointments. I’m accepting what’s to come, and praying that all ends well. It’s going to be a great year! I hope you all had a safe New Year! =)


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