How I Rang In January (2014 Edition)

Hello, readers!
It’s been a whirl wind of a holiday and our family got sick right off the bat. Boo! Sinus infection, strept throat, viral infection, asthma and allergies have succumb the boys immune system! So, as a Mom I’m working three times as hard as before to help Ric, Skyler and Spencer. Not to mention take care of Katelynn as well. I’m one tired mama! I’m the last one standing trying not to get sick, pray for us!


Some updates are in store: Spencer is no longer regressing I his potty training, Skyler-Ian will be entering kumon for reading, and I have decided to complete my BSN! Spencer, has finally figured out this whole potty thing, and can successfully go alone! Phew! As for Skyler, we decided to place him into kumon to help him with reading and writing, and later on in a few months he willbe taking math. Talk about super Asian! 😉 Ric and I believe this extra help will be great for him once he enters kinder this year!


Katelynn, is getting bigger and rounder! They weren’t kidding when they said you really cherish the time and moments when you’re on your third (and final) kid!! I’m excited for her to develop her own personality, but sad that it’s going by quickly! In a month, she will be getting her ears pierced and I’m nervous and excited!!

Nonetheless, we are all great and rolling with the punches thus far. I have to get used to writing 14 instead of 13 which I keep doing. Hoping everyone is well!




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