The Fantastic February Update


Ladies and Gentlemen, My Daughter has her ears pierced! It was not a pleasant experience for anyone! She cried for a bout a few minutes! We do have video to prove it! Which you can peep on our VLog – which should be up tomorrow ;] Our little butterball is a whopping ten pounds!! Woo hoo! Our household has been fighting the dreaded sinus infection as if it was the plague! Everyone in the house is MUCH better, and I too am currently on antibiotics for it! (Thanks PFM & Dr. Nicole!) I’m hoping to be in tip-top shape for this weekend!

Here are some much needed recap of the family! =]

Ric: Currently, getting his evo fixed (again..) and is super excited to get it back after a few days of being carless! He has been working hard even with chronic sinusitis! He will be undergoing sinus surgery to FINALLY relieve him of his horrible sinus pressure! Kudos, to my Husband!

Spencer: Got his stitches removed, is much more cautious of his actions, and is rambunctious as always ;]

Skyler-Ian: Loving Kumon and has been taking up reading/writing! He has been doing so good in his class and looks forward going to class! I’m so proud of my big boy!

Katelynn: Growing beautifully, babbling more & smiling ALWAYS! We LOVE her so much and can’t believe how fast she is growing- its honestly quite bittersweet for us! She sleeps through the night, and she is just such a ham! Videos will be up on our VLog!!

Pinky: AH, I currently had surgery this past week (everything is ok!) – I have been fighting this “cold” for a little over two weeks now, only to find out I have a sinus infection! My first one ever! HAHA! (not so funny, cause I feel like poop.. but, funny..) My truck had gotten broken into, AGAIN! And, my identity was compromised. But, I have faith in our justice system, and faith in christ the utmost. So karma will have its turn soon.

For more updates, keep an eye on our VLog on YouTube as well ;]

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