The Ultimate Fail

I think I get a BIG, fat, “F” for this year for blogging. I’m sorry for the lack of update. AHH! So here is the low down on the Guerrero household.

Skyler-Ian: SIR, has been busy with kumon and learning to read and write! He is perfecting his  letters, and reading basic words like, “up”, “hop”. His teacher actually just came up to me and told me that he is doing fantastic! So proud =]

Spencer: Spence, has been a bit of a trouble maker lately. We are looking into putting him into pre-school into the same pre-k program SIR was in when he was 3! For now, Spence is still ALL “monkey see, monkey do.”

Katelynn: Our Princess, is officially 3 months old and will be 4 months old on April 1st! She learned to roll on both her left and right side. Is able to pick up her head during tummy time, is babbling tons! A big drooler, and we can spy 2 little top teefies coming in! Dun, dun, dun! She is super chunks too!

Ric: Just recently had sinus surgery! Hallelujah! It was a long road to recovery but, nonetheless We are blessed and excited that he can actually taste, smell, again! Its the little things he took advantage of!

Pinky: For myself, trying to man down the home. Be a fantastic Mom, and a superior Wife! I’ve been back at work at Pinnacle Family Medicine. So, hence the lack of blogging. HAHA!

The Guerrero family is doing FAB, and busy! Especially, with summer coming up! My lack of blogging and VLogging is really bumming me out. I have tons of footage to edit! haha!

I promise, bear with me. It will all be up soon ;]

Instagram: @pinkyguerrero and @riiiiic (5 i’s)



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