Happy 4th Birthday Spencer!

November came quickly and is going by fast! I feel like I haven’t had the time or chance to just enjoy each day like I have been hoping for. My days are crammed, I feel like there are not enough hours in a day, and then I find myself at this point about ready to crash and burn. We have so many Family birthdays in November that it is crazy, plus the holidays are back to back which makes it even more crazier!

I turned 26 on the 11th- and I spent it by watching ‘Big Hero 6’ (which made it to my Top 5 favorite movies), and painting pottery for my kids, then a dinner. Nothing to crazy or fancy. Today, is Spencer’s 4th birthday! I hugged him, squeezed him and kissed him a bunch of times today! Makes me sad to think that I have a 4 year old =/ where is time going? Today, we had a family dinner and got Spence a cake. This Sunday will be his party ;]

This year, Spencer’s theme is going to be ‘Finding Nemo’, I normally do pretty great with homemade birthday invitations. Unfortunately, I bombed this project. BAD! Sigh. So, I had to settle with Facebook event invites and text messages on top of word of mouth. Ugh, I always feel so guilty by the time its fall! Skylarks birthday is in the summer and we don’t have many family whose birthday is in the summer. Which makes it easy to plan and with summer its even easier! Fall, we call dibs months ahead and if you miss a date then you lose. No questions asked. We  are literally back-to-back birthdays and holidays up until January. Then February-September we have a sprinkle of birthday’s but, it isn’t insane crazy like November-December!

Nonetheless, I am grateful and blessed for such mad chaos, as it does make life that much more interesting. Many blessings, Readers!

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