Pinkie Pie Birthday theme – UNVEILED!

Katelyn’s first birthday was such a great success that I thought I’d share photos of the party itself! Her first birthday party theme was My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie!  I felt so guilty that I was unable to finish her birthday invitation like I had originally planned. So, instead we went all out on decoration and her outfit. Being our  first and only daughter, we wanted to make sure we went “all-out” like we do for the boys!

Pictured below is the cake table and a few decorations that we got:



The photos do not do the decoration justice- however you can view the decoration in my video on instagram @pinkyguerrero =] I also got Katelynn a customized two tier cake! From local baker Brittany Howe from Cake Creations by Brittany. She did a superb job on the cakes!

It was great that she was able to capture the thought and idea that I had for the cake. I really wanted multi-colored, but, very vibrant and fun colors! She gave us a cute smash cake, and then she also hand decorated using buttercream frosting for all the designs on the cake! From the polka dots, to the pinkie pie pony and all the fun sprinkles. The inside of the cake was super cute! And, I have been dying to try it myself- but, I know I lack expertise in baking. ;] I had asked for the inside of the cake to multi-colored as well. Which takes a lot of time! I am so grateful and blessed that she was able to do that!

I was very specific being my Daughter’s first birthday and gratefully she ever so willingly worked with me and my thoughts! God bless her!


IMG_2035IMG_2034IMG_2033Here is how the cakes looked like! Pictured to the left: two tier cake (vanilla with buttercream frosting), sprinkles and buttercream frosting decorations. Vanilla smash cake with butter cream, and buttercream frosting design.

Pinkie pie themed, and color matched. =]

The inside of the cake was super fun, cute, and colorful! It definitely tied into the Pinkie Pie, My Little Pony theme! She layered the cakes and colored the buttercream frosting in-between! It was a fun surprise when we cut into the cake! The kids and the birthday girl LOVED it! I loved it!


The cake was dense, and flavorful, the buttercream frosting was my favorite part- I could literally lick every piece of cake completely frosting-less if I was only allowed too ;]


Kathleen was decked out head-to-toe from customized products I purchased off etsy.

Thank you to all the etsy shops for helping me create a great outfit for Kate! I am forever grateful for all your handwork and dedication! You definitely were a big part of my inspired outfits and theme! A huge thank you to everyone who came and celebrated our gorgeous girl, and thank you to everyone who helped contribute to food and helping out!


Kate’s pony collection is getting bigger, cannot wait to move and give her a room to put all these in! Thank you everyone and god bless!



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