Skyler-Ian's stitches adventure



I guess as parents we cannot always protect our little love bugs. I remember when Spencer first got stitches- (read about here), I was mortified! Being in the healthcare career I see these often, and I deal with it on an “almost” everyday basis. But, when it happens to your own flesh, and blood- I just can’t even grasp the thought of it! Anyways, I had dropped Skyler off at school like I always do and within a few hours (like an hour in a half), I received a phone call from the school nurse saying that there was an accident on the playground. I don’t think I’ve ever run out of the house faster than I did that morning. Luckily, and thankfully I live within a few minutes away from the school. I rush inside and out comes my poor little man, bandaged. The nurse told me that there was an incident on the slide with a few kids.

I took Sky to urgent care where he got two stitches, mind you- he DID NOT cry, he flinched but, he listened well and relaxed so that we were able to close up that nasty laceration and get him home. After a long few hours at urgent care, I took the kids for some frozen yogurt, mcdonalds and we headed home! Sky stayed home the following day, but, did attend his holiday show! Stitches, smiles and all!


They sang ‘Feliz Navidad’ and some robot toy song! It was SO CUTE! He was not feeling all that well, and he said his cut hurt, but, he really wanted to sing at his Holiday show! I was super proud of him for getting up on that stage to sing! His friends were so excited to see him and they were in “awe” of his cool stitches. But, I had to gently remind the kids that although accidents happen, they have to be extra careful so they don’t get hurt like Sky did.

Nonetheless, Sky did awesome! He get’s his stitches removed on Friday the 12th and I am nervous and excited for him! Of course, I’ll post a blog ;]



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