Happy Holidays!



Season’s greetings, my dearest friends! Can you believe 2014 is almost coming to an end?! Where did the year go?! I’m still trying to grasp that Thanksgiving was less than a month ago. Tis the season of giving, isn’t it not? ;] What are some fun, festive, holiday traditions do you and your family participate in? Our Family, have always just spent it together. We also try and focus the holidays more on giving-back, and about God and/or the birth of Jesus Christ.  So, we spend a good majority of December donating toys and clothes, blankets, food. We sponsor or host drives for the month and try and help those in need. Thankfully, since the kids are getting older they understand the concept of giving instead of receiving. So, our traditions goes as follows…the eve of Christmas we spend with my Husband’s side of the family and Christmas is spent with my side of the Family. We also continue our tradition of shared “big gifts” oppose to many, tiny little gifts. For example, we buy two small toys for each child and then the kids share one big toy. We also try not to focus so much on giving our own personal family gifts, moreso, on giving gifts to others. Now, that our kids are a smidge older- next year, we will begin doing ‘Elf on the Shelf’ & Santa messages! I’m truly excited for this because I know the boys will be thrilled and absolutely on their best behavior for Santa! I hope so.. at least!

Check-out this video of me asking Skyler, what Christmas means to him?


Skyler is well aware that Santa may not be real, but, thankfully he still believes! (atta boy, Sky!). He is I can honestly say, borderline on Santa overall.  I guess would be the best way to say it. He wonders how a man can travel throughout the whole world in one night, and he wonders how the man knows everyone and if they are bad or good. (I have a smart kid, I know!). AHAH! ;] I had the boys watch “St. Nicholas” by Veggie Tales. (Peep it here!) And, the moral overall is just about giving. So, it is not necessarily on “Santa” but, it focuses moreso be thankful for your blessings, be grateful and give to those who don’t have anything.

Speaking of Christmas, Ric and I also celebrate our Wedding anniversary! We find it hard to celebrate our wedded bliss due to Christmas itself, and of course we want to focus more on the kids. This year we actually decided we will celebrate our anniversary in January. With the holidays, it gets so hectic. So, next year will be the first time we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary! So excited!


(Photo Credit: We Know Photography)

I can’t believe it will be 6 years of love and laughter with my kindergarten sweetheart! It isn’t always perfect, nor is it always pure happiness. But, I know I am blessed with a great, hardworking man! I’m truly thankful. Coming February, we will have officially been together for about 9 years! And, in 2016 we are planning our 10 year vow renewal. I know, I know people normally count years married. But, we still count being together. They day it all happened an important date! ;] (still gives everyone a reason to party!)

Anyways, a vLOG will be posted ;] So keep an eye out for it. And, more updates coming your way! Wishing you all a healthy, prosperous holiday!

With love,



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