How I Became a SAHM And A Working Mom

Like my title? I was never really good in math, or being creative in titles– so hopefully you can decipher that as you please. But, nonetheless, when I look at it- it seems straight to the point.

9 times out of 10 I get told, “You’re so lucky you’re a stay at home Mom! You have all the time to do whatever you want and sleep-in, hang-out!”  insert-evil laugh- Yeah, No. I think there are a lot misconceptions of being a “SAHM” vs working Mom, or all of the above. I don’t get to sleep-in, I don’t get to do whatever I want. I run my household off of a routine, that even includes me and the two other kids I have who don’t go to school yet. I think Mom’s/Dad’s or both Parents in general work in order to provide for their family, and at times that truly means balancing both duties as a “stay-at-home- parent” and a working parent. But, just cause some Parent’s don’t work doesn’t mean they… “don’t work”. ;] Get it? HAHA!

Here is what a typical day looks like in my household as a “SAHM”:

6:00am: First alarm goes off (Husband wakes up and gets ready for work, I get-up and let Dog out)

6:15-20am: Husband Leaves for work (Let Dog back in & feed, and refill water, Read daily devotional).

6:30am: My alarm goes off (I get-up, check on the “should-be” sleeping baby, sneak into the boys’ room, wake-up oldest child to get ready for school, and wake-up an [almost, always grumpy- not-a-morning-person] toddler [most likely, puts up a fight EVERY morning],  I quietly run sprint out of that room, go to the kitchen pack my oldest Son his lunch/snack for the day, as well as a quick breakfast to-go. Go back into my boys’ room check on both boys, and of course the toddler who fell asleep – again. And, the oldest should-be up and getting ready. This point, once everyone is semi-situated I start getting ready!)

6:45am: Second alarm goes off – to remind me we need to leave in 15 minutes! (At this point, we are cutting close to time. The oldest needs to be in school by 7:15 am, we live approximately 10-15 minutes away from the school, but, that doesn’t include, school traffic, bus traffic, etc. Dun, dun, dun! I have to wake-up the grumpy toddler, and verbally cue him get ready for the morning. (“Don’t forget to go potty, brush your teeth, wash your hands, etc.”). This is usually, when I wake-up sleeping beauty, if she hasn’t already awaken by the madness her brothers are causing! Thankfully, she is a happy morning baby, and will quietly babble, observe, play with her crib toys, or just lay quietly until I pick her up. I quickly get her dressed, grab all her bottles we have accumulated through the night, and get those in the sink. 

6:50am: (Everyone is getting shoes on, back packs together, and that includes, diaper bag/purse, etc. I get everyone loaded and safely buckled into the car. Head down to the school which again is about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic [which there ALWAYS is].

  • Scenario A (Arriving at 7:00am – if I get lucky and we miraculously make it in time to beat the school parking lot traffic, we are usually in line for the parent-drop off and patiently wait our turn. By the time, all the cars get into the lot, and we go into a semi-circle, I put my hazards on [but, I’m not supposed to] and get out of the car [you’re not supposed to], and unbuckle Sky, and give him his belonging and give him his hug and kiss, then send him off to school. [**The parent drop-off every morning is quick, no parents should be getting out of their car, or stopping in traffic. Unfortunately, THIS Mom does, because I like to make sure my Son has everything, and that I do take that moment to give him some love before his day starts. That’s just me though, I do see other parents doing it too!**] Skyler, will literally make it perfectly at 7:10 am with time to walk casually, through the gates, to drop off his lunch box and bag, then join his class at the playground.)
  • Scenario B (this scenario usually means the bell rings while we are still in the parent drop-off line, meaning we got caught in the traffic, and it literally feels like a “stop, drop, and roll-out of the car” moment. Nonetheless, I still get out of the car, get Sky together and still send him off with a hug and kiss, late or not. [They have 3 bells, so normally he is ok..].

7:30am We dropped off Skyler, and I hurry back home so that I can get breakfast ready for both toddler and baby. As soon as we get home, I remind again, potty and wash you hands and sit at the table. I get the baby ready and situated in her booster chair for breakfast. I turn on VeggieTales to keep both kids occupied in the mean time as I get either cereal, waffles/pancakes, eggs/bacon, or whatever the request maybe for breakfast. Then I serve the food, I let the baby feed herself (with minor accompaniment), and the toddler feeds himself. I also get drinks set as well. When my little toddler is done eating, he takes his plates/utensils/cup and clears it if there are any remaining food fragments and places them in the sink. He pushes in his chair and goes to the bathroom to wash his hands. This time, Baby K has already created a disaster on the floor by throwing everything off of her tray, if she is already full. There are also breakfast remmnants in her hair as proof! 

7:45am Around this time, I have already unbuckled Katelynn and took her to the bathroom to get cleaned up, freshened, and teeth brushed. I’ll bring her back out into the living room where her Brother is watching ‘VeggieTales,’ and set-out some ‘quiet’ toys for her to tinker with. I set-up my barricades so that she doesn’t go into the: dogs kennel, the hallway, backyard, or kitchen. I go back into the kitchen and start placing things in the sink.

8:15am  Both kids are usually distracted by VeggieTales, or by their toys. That I begin my morning chores. First, off- kitchen! I do the dishes, put away items, sweep up the floor, wipe down the counters, clean-up the seats/high chair. Straighten and organize counter space, seating, and table. Once that is all done, I’ll go back over the barricade and with the help of my toddler, start putting away toys. I’ll turn off the TV and both kids go into the master bedroom/playroom. Once again, I have that room baby gated, and the kids are playing. I’ll go back into the living room to clean-up. 

**If its Monday, we participate in a weekly playdate every Monday from 9am-noon! In that case, our Monday schedule gets shifted down an hour & most of our cleaning and chores occur after 230pm!** 

8:45-9:00am Living room clean-up (depending on the severity of it), requires vacuuming, wiping down tables and couches, light dusting, light pick-up. And, I also vacuum the hall ways that attach to the living room. I’ll also throw in a load of laundry.

9:15am Thankfully, both the kitchen and living room are complete. I’ll join the kids in the master bedroom, and check Baby’s diaper, change it, and switch out some toys and lay out a few books. This is our potty time. Again, sometimes a friendly, verbal cue is necessary.

9:30am-10:30am  This is usually around the time the Baby wants to go down for a nap. Sometimes (and, lately) she hasn’t been. So, I usually log-on to the computer at this time and start my online classes. (I’m currently attending GCU to obtain my Bachelors). I’ll finish as much of my homework, reading, and studying I can do with a Baby using me as a jungle gym and of course still pay attention to both Baby and toddler. The first load of laundry should be tossed into dryer by now (if I remember), and then I’ll start another load. (Our household generally has about 3-5 baskets of laundry a week).

10:45am This is when I usually take a break. I’ll start folding the first load if I remembered to turn the drier on, if not then this is when I’m still drying the first load. 

11:00am I’ll mosy along back into the kitchen to see what I can conjure up for lunch. I’ll bring the kids out of my room, back into the kitchen and have them sit for a snack while I make lunch. 

11:45-11:50am Hopefully by this time, lunch is prepped, cooked, and served. (If I’m lucky, with no distractions). I’ll cut up pieces that needs to be cut, and clean up my cooking area. Usually, I let the kids eat first before I sit and eat. I make sure they’re all situated and taken care of before I sit down. This is so I don’t get any distractions while I’m eating, which usually happens. 

NOON At this time, I have to take the baby off of her chair, clean her up, and get a sip of milk for her so she can nap. For sure, the Baby will go down for a nap since she did not take her morning nap. She usually by now have dosed off amongst her stuffed animals or in my arms. Spencer cleaned up his plates and has found a toy, book, or workbook to do while I eat. Usually, an easy workbook, that he can do. Or we practice our letter pronunciation. 

12:15pm I get up and start cleaning the kitchen (again), in the midst of this I know I’ll remember the laundry and go switch that load, or start it over (again). Run back to the kitchen, finish cleaning the dishes, wipe down the counters (again), sweep the floor, (again). Reorganize the kitchen and have Spencer clean up his area. We go back into the master bedroom where the baby is asleep, I’ll start folding or finish folding the laundry at this point. God forbid, I’m hopeful that I’m on the second load of laundry and that I have the third and final (hopefully) squared away in the washer or drier.. If I remembered.

12:30-12:45pm The Baby should still be sleeping, and I will take this opportunity to log-on to do HW again, or finish my quizzes. I’ll simultaneously check-up on emails and reply back to whomever. I’ll also log on to the blog, and update. Run some marketing things via social media. And, continue doing some HW. I let Spencer watch one movie in the afternoon (as much as possible, I encourage more play time vs tv time). But, I do let him play educational games that we download via iPad, or play video games. 

1:00pm The Baby should be waking-up at around this time, sometimes she is still sleeping. So, I let her. I have Spencer clean up his area, and we start getting ready to head out the door for errands, and to go pick up Skyler at school. I’ll cue Spencer to get ready, or at least grab his jacket and socks, and then I’ll get the Baby ready. More than likely, I have to change the baby again .. cause Babie’s always have a mess of some sort. ;] After both kids are ready, I’ll make sure I look Human enough togo outside without looking like a mess. 

1:25pm-1:45pm We are hopefully, out the door by now and headed to the grocery store, list in hand (who am I kidding, I’m sure I left the list on the counter..). Once we get to the grocery store, we go for fruits, veggies, meat products, and of course dairy products. Once we obtain all those, we make our way towards the check-out line. Hoping I didn’t forget anything. (I know I forgot something). 

1:50 pm  I’m driving towards the school to pick up the oldest to make it just in time for the parent pick up curb. We get in line amongst all the traffic and do the what seems like the do-se-do around the curb to find your kid and pick them up.

2:30pm This is usually the longest, due to all the kids leaving school, the crowd of people, and amount of cars. We are lucky to get out of the parking lot by 2:30 the latest. From here we head home. 

2:45pm I unload the kids, have them wash their hands, potty breaks. I get the baby cleaned, freshened and seated in her booster with a snack. The boys get their belongings situated. Skyler gets his folder and lunchbox on the counter, freshens up and both boys sit at the table. While all this is going on, I run out to the car, unload the groceries. Once I get the groceries in the house the boys have a snack while I prep dinner. 

3:00pm While dinner is prepping/marinating or whatever it maybe. I’m helping Skyler with homework while the other two are playing. Once we finish Sky’s homework we go ahead and he clears everything away. 

3:15-3:50pm I’ll sign back on to the computer, try and get some more school work done. I do this for about 20-30 minutes. I take breaks in-between a few problems, to play with the Baby, read a book to the kids. Then go back and read a chapter for school. I’ll also participate in forum discussion in school during this time. 

4:00pm If weather permits, I like to bring the kids out back, or to the park. I normally try to schedule a playdate so that they kids are active and aren’t cooped up at home. This is the only downtime I probably will have. I use this for a time to unwind, catch up on my planner, organize the bills, and get my phone calls together. I’m either following up with my agent, work, or calling people and following up with my affiliation programs. 

4:30-445pm We go back home, clean up, and freshen. Some point around 3-4:50pm all three will go down for a nap. Which usually lasts a little over an hour. When they go down for a nap, I’ll put away the folded laundry, finish folding all the clothes, and hopefully have them put away. 

5:00-5:30pm Since all three are asleep, I finish up the chores. I’ll recheck the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. I’ll log back onto the computer, read another chapter, answer a few homework questions. And, start cooking. 

545-6:00pm I take this time to start cooking, the kids usually get up by like 6:15pm (ish), and will fall back asleep around 9pm for bedtime. While I cook, I normally am online catching up on the blog, social media, responding to emails. The kids wake-up in waves, so once the two boys are up, they opt for a light snack such as a fruit. 

6:15-6:50pm Food is done cooking, I get the kids fed. I set aside a plate for my Husband and myself. I get the kids fed. Once, they’re finished, the boys clean-up and sit back down for dessert (if I made one). After dinner, all three kids get a bath. Once, I get them all bathed, boys change themselves, and I get the baby cleaned up. I pop in another VeggieTale episode or movie, and back to the living room the kids go. Toys, books, they’re occupied. 

7:00pm-7:30pm I start cleaning up the kitchen, dishes, counters, etc. By now, the Husband should be pulling into the driveway. I get our dinners heated up, and we get to eat while the kids are occupied. I quickly chow down, and start getting the kids calm to get ready for bed. 

7:45pm-8:00pm I help get the kids teeth brushed, everyone has gone to the bathroom. We prep our beds, say our goodnight prayers, do our hugs and kisses. Then I leave the boys in their room, and take the Baby to her crib. Do our nightly cuddles, and prayer. And, I’ll give her a little milk (if she is fussy) and just lay her down in her crib. She usually falls asleep on her own. 

8:15-8:50pm AHHH!! Quiet household! (sometimes), this period is usually when I chat with the Husband who is done eating, showered, and is following-up on his emails. If I’m lucky no kid pops out from the hallway to say they’re not tired, which in this case is what we call the “go back to bed cha-cha,” its the task of escorting Child back to bed, another prayer, another snuggle, and off to bed they should go. (Depending on which child). Hopefully, I join him in the living room. After quickly picking up the kitchen, living room areas. 

9:00pm-midnight This is bedtime for EVERYONE! But, of course this is the only quiet, quiet time where I won’t get any distractions, or interruptions. I’ll quickly pick up toys, and quickly make sure and double check everything from doors, stoves, kids, etc. I’ll check the laundry (Cause I normally will forget them), either restart them, or re-dry them. I’ll go back to my room and launch my computer, where I fully focus on my math homework. I’m not good at math so this usually takes me a few hours. In this case… I was up until 1:30am. But, I COMPLETED all my homework, quiz and exam for this week which was due on Sunday! PHEW! 

2:30-3:00am Baby is teething so for the past few weeks, we have been having early morning cuddle sessions at this time. Also, this time (for some reason) is when our night walkers sneak into our bed. In this case, I always lay out a blanket on the floor equipped with pillows and a comforter for when each boy, or one boy walks in and wanders and falls asleep. Thankfully, they only wander into my room and no where else. 

6:00am Start all over ;]

This would be a typical, “Good”, quiet day! In some instances, I have work errands and meetings, phone calls, and have to travel for auditions, and things with kids in tote! But, I’ll save that schedule for another blog ;] I think both roles working/sahm should get props, high fives, and a deep tissue massage! I believe that both efforts are put in where the need to be. Just cause one brings home the bacon, doesn’t mean the other one is just bacon grease! LOL!

Nonetheless, I love my chaotic schedules, and over stuffed routines. I find that God’s purpose for me is quite challenging, but, worth it! What’s your schedule like?




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