Why, I do Valentines Day.

Hey, Readers!

A lot of people feel like Valentines Day is an “overdone“, “hallmark” holiday. And, although- yes, it can be true. I celebrate this holiday for a different reason. Not to be the most “popular” at getting the most outrageous floral bouquet, or to get the most giant teddy bear, or tons of chocolate. But, I celebrate this because of my Dad. Now, not many of you know my Dad. But, he was the most amazing, genuine, hysterical man on this planet! He knew exactly how to start the party, turn your frown upside down, and make the best out of any bad situation. He was “that” guy. My Dad had been battling prostate cancer for over 16 years when he passed away on May 4th 2008. A giant piece of me went with him that day. But, he made Valentines day a big deal for me. A really BIG deal!

All through out my school years, kids and teens would get each other cute notes, or cards, flowers, bears, chocolates etc. I just did the traditional “give everyone a card” kind of thing, but, as I got older I noticed boyfriend/girlfriends, Husband/wives, someone special, etc. would go all-out and give each other cute gifts. My Dad would ALWAYS give my Mom flowers of some kind, a cute card, etc. And, although he did this on an almost regular occasion, he made sure to go above and beyond even on Valentines day. But, the best part was, he did it for me too. He would spontaneously throughout the day leave me a card, or balloons, or flowers, and chocolate at the schools front desk, on top of my car in the school parking lot, at work, any where that I could possibly be- he would randomly leave a little love for me. He wouldn’t tell me, he would just do it. His cards would go a long the lines of:

Because I love you, everyday & always. Have a great day!

Love, Daddy

 He always went above and beyond to make my Valentines day special. The last Valentines act of kindness he did for me was in 2007, he left a card, and a single rose on the counter. He was so sick, but, he still tried his best to make my day. He was more sick in 2008 around Valentines day, and instead I decided to make his day. I brought him coffee and doughnuts at the hospital and stayed with him till I had to go to work.

My Dad is my reason, why I do Valentines day. When I started dating, and eventually got married, my Husband felt like he was expected to get me something or do something for me. And, although I missed my Dad’s tactics, I shared my “why I do Valentines day,” with my Husband and we decided to do something else for everyone in honor of him. Every year we do a random act of kindness on Valentines day.  Every year along with our kids, we buy bouquets of flowers a variety of different kinds, and we hand them out. Randomly, in the grocery parking lot, to our neighbors, families at the park, or even medical offices. We even gave flowers to a Starbucks barista and a police officer one year.


Here is a photo of one year when we bought random bouquets, this was before we distributed flowers. We wanted to instill in our boys to always give, always love.


Here is a photo of Skyler in his cute Valentines day attire and I walked with him when he gave a bouquet a flowers to a Starbucks barista in the parking lot. Theres really no special speech that went along with giving the flowers, I just shared my story, and Skyler just said,  “Happy Valentines Day!.”

This year we decided to add a little sweetness to our givings, we will be distributing “Nothing Bundt Cakes” made with a handmade tag and wrapped in cellophane and a ribbon.

sidecakeSpecial thanks to Nothing Bundt Cake in Goodyear, Arizona for hooking me up with this years Valentines fun!


“Happy Valentines Day!

Nothing ‘bundt’ love, 

The Guerrero’s

♥ 2015 ♥ “


Our finished product! I really love these and I think they’re super cute ;]

I can’t wait to share these with friends and family tomorrow!

Happy Valentines Day!



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