How I Became A Cuss Free Home

Ok, these past few months have felt like a whirlwind of events and I can’t even remember what happened, only because everything just happened —-so fast! By the time I was able to comprehend the date, a new month began. (-_-). Sigh.  There is just so much time to just enjoy life and everyone [positive]  in it– my new thing is to limit myself on any type of electronic  device. That includes: phone, computer/laptop which obviously includes, blogging. Gasp, I know right? As if I blog frequently anyways ;] I found that doing school online, marketing products online, and just constantly being in front of a computer for work, school or just because. . DRAINED me! I figure I only go on the computer to 1) Do HW, 2) Blog, 3) Check emails and most importantly 4) Go online and pay them bills! I try and control the urge to sit on my laptop to ‘surf the web’ or ‘watch youtube videos’ cause I find myself doing one thing online, then it quickly turns into another thing and cue 2 hours later my chores aren’t done, dinner is not ready, I have yet to go use the restroom, etc. So, hence why I haven’t blogged recently, and for those who messaged and noticed how I update in a lump sum- this is true! I find it much easier to update in a lump sum oppose to doing it every day or every week. I’ve also toned down on the social media- I only have twitter and Instagram. 95% of my posts on twitter are direct links from my Instagram ;] And, even there I try my hardest to be frugal of my postings! What has happened to me?! ;]

I contemplate reactivating my Facebook but, I honestly don’t want to get consumed into other peoples status updates, and sit there forever just reading fB madness! I’d rather read a book- no offense! I love how Facebook can connect you with family and friends, but, I need to be better at managing my time then sitting there for hours just reading and such! I just realized I am better off when I am kind of off the grid ;]

Anywho, for those who messaged me– I hope that answers that.

Ready for some family updates?! GREAT!

Ric: He has been working hard at work (like always), and has been prepping cars for the car show in California this coming May! We are excited to be bringing some of our cars this year into the show and be able to have a vacation as well with the whole gang! It is exciting!


Pinky: I recently did a photo shoot for Levi’s Jeans and modeled some of their items, I am currently finishing up my project withe PearsonVue education. I also started working part-time/PRN at Phoenix Children’s Hospital & have been working hard at school! I begin going on campus starting in May for my nursing classes! EEK!


Skyler-Ian: Little man recently received an award for Good Character and being trustworthy, and another award for being a Good Student! He received two certificates and a medal! We are SO proud of Skyler-Ian! He is also excelling in math (so asian..haha), and reading his sight words! Skyler, also got accepted into a private school and we are excited! We haven’t really decided where he or Spencer are going next year.

Skyler-Ian receiving award


Spencer: Spencer is doing great with shape & color recognition as well as numbers & letters. We are practicing a lot of our letter annunciation & pronunciation! He is eager to go to school and be with Sky!


Katelynn: Where do I even begin?! Kate is such a character and I can’t even accept the fact she will be two this year! [heartbreaks]. She is such a sassy one year old, such a girl! She loves putting shoes on, brushing her hair & anyone’s hair as a matter of fact! She loves holding clothes up against her and seeing herself in the mirror. She loves brushing her teeth (or eating toothpaste, to each their own), and bath time! Oh, she also has an obsession with belly buttons.. more specifically her own! ;]


As a Family overall, we have been working together on being more respectful and kind to one another. Being more patient (which is VERY hard sometimes), and understanding of one another and using kind words. Recently, Sky has been learning some inappropriate language that he learns at school (We weren’t to thrilled about it as we are a CUSS FREE HOME!) We figure that if we can set a better more positive attitude towards one another it will be much more stress free. Since I have been working, its rare that Ric & I ever get a day off together simultaneously. Tomorrow is the first day in little over a month in which we are off on the same day! We have been balancing alternating watching the kids (huge shout out to the best Brother/Uncle/Godfather – Jayar & once in a while my Grandmother aka Nanay & of course my Mom!) Mostly, its between, Ric, myself and my Brother. PHEW! It takes a team of three to get this house running correctly, but, I’m beyond grateful that Ric coordinates with my work schedule. Although, I do get slightly jealous that they’ll be at Chuck e Cheese while I’m working. AHAH!


Some of our goals this year include:

  • Becoming debt free!
  • Buying our first home!
  • Go to Disney!

These might not seem a lot but, we are taking baby steps to bigger and better things in our lives & we are thrilled to share the journey with you all! Hope you enjoyed our updates ;]




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