Skyler-Ian Kindergarten Celebration 2015

Ladies and Gents,

Bust out your tissue box, your hankie, or grab a shoulder to lean on- its about to get real up in here! Today, my oldest child graduated from Kindergarten, his school had a fast, small “celebration” for the parents on Thursday, May 14th.  He will officially be a FIRST GRADER coming August 2015! EEEEK!

There were so many emotions just from the morning to get him ready for school, it was way too surreal. I swear where did time go? But, regardless I am so unbelievably proud of Skyler-Ian! He has taught me so much about being a Mom, and continues to teach me every single day! He surpasses any expectation that I could ever imagine. I seriously think I am way too lucky and blessed to have been chosen as his Mom. If you are wondering if I cried during his 15 minute ceremony, I sure did! I held back the sobs though, I had to hold that in. I couldn’t really break down during a ceremony, ya know? ;]

Seeing him up on that stage, singing his little heart out and smiling and waving just reminded me of the many blessings God has given me since I found out I was pregnant with Skyler. See, I got pregnant at an early age, more so, in my freshman year of college. Unplanned, unwed, and unprepared. I don’t think I had fully grasped what was about to seriously go down. But, it definitely went down, alright. I walked through hell & back when I said no to abortion. I faced many hardships, underwent many challenges, but, thankfully, Ric was always there supporting me & providing. Along, with the generous loving hearts of some of our family members. Since the day that test said, positive, I had to change my perspective on life, and change who I was. I learned so much from just that experience alone, I learned what it was like to have nothing, I learned how to make due with what I had, and I learned the true meaning of love. But, most importantly, I rekindled a relationship with God that I thought I had lost earlier of that year. God knew exactly what he was doing when he chose Ric and I to be Skyler’s parents. I don’t regret anything that has happened. I can just say that it has only made me stronger, better, and more grateful. And, we are very blessed to have been graced with Skyler ever since.

To this day, we get compliments on how genuinely good hearted our 5 year old is, how well-mannered, and how sweet he is. I couldn’t agree more! So, in honor of Skyler’s kinder celebration I compiled this sweet video. Enjoy!

This is the video I made for Skyler ;] Below this video is the video provided by the school.

This video was recorded by one of the teachers ;]



Pinky G.


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