Hello, From California!

Hello avid readers!

Before we jump into our California blog- I wanted to recap our tooth fairy mission was beyond a success, he even said, “Mommy, she left a mess of glitter!” My Husband said he was proud of me for even making the mess & leaving it. Yeah, I’m a clean freak by nature so even little messes like that irk me. ;]

Onto other matters, C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A!!! SO, we were supposed to go to Nevada for the weekend but, plans changed last minute and some circumstances came about we ended up detouring to California! Our trip wasn’t really planned, we kind of went about our weekend knowing that we had a day dedicated to a car show. Other than that, our schedule was pretty much open. Two weeks prior, we were in California for another car show, and so that trip was really focused more so on that. This trip, we decided would be more for the kids! We took an extra day coming up to California to really just enjoy the weekend, the weather, and enjoy our time together. When we arrived in California we enjoyed some California restaurants prior to arriving to our hotel. We let the kids unwind from being in a car for more than 6 hours– trust me, they needed to unwind! We let them romp around the hotel room, scope out there surroundings, fed them a snack, let them watch a little TV. At the same time, Ric was resting on the bed & I was logged onto my lap top to do some homework. (Yes, even on vacation I’m doing HW & checking-in at work). After an hour of that, we met up with one of my son’s God-Mother and we talked about some blogging matters and projects we are working on!! SO EXCITED!

After that, we walked around the hotel area, let the kids take in the nice weather, and jetted back to our hotel, ordered some room service, and got the kids settled for bed. The following morning we woke up early, bathed the kids and got them ready to head out to downtown Disney for breakfast. We ate at the Rain Forest cafe and walked up and down downtown Disney when we all spontaneously decided to go to Disney California Adventure!

I think I was more excited than my kids were, I was excited to be in the park, see some familiar faces and see some familiar areas and new ones as well! As we got into the park, we did the whole tourist thing, got autograph books an prepped to scope out some characters! Our first character encounter was Sofia the First! Kate’s absolute favorite! Unknowingly, I “knew” Sofia and instantly screamed! It was great seeing some old castmates while we were in the park!

Kate got a little spooked when I screamed. She was so excited to see Sofia, I kind of ruined it with my excitement! We trotted along DCA and jumped on some rides, ate some food, watched some shows, and let the kids see some characters!

We headed towards Cars Land where I let my Husband run rampage with some of our friends and let them enjoy DCA! Cars land was marvelous! My boys loved being able to see familiar cars, and locations similar to the movie!

I think that overall our trip was just fabulous! The weather really did take a toll on Katelynn and I though. We came home coughing, and just exhausted! It wasn’t until we got home, unpacked, and unwind that I realized how grateful I was for California weather! It was a whopping 110 degrees when we got into town! Ugh, I’m counting down the days to our next trip! And, it looks like that next trip is NEW YORK CITY! =]

Food for thought, we also realized that we are about 4 weeks away from the school year starting again.. ;] Just saying.. HAHAH!


Pinky G.


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