We are MOVING!

You guys are probably wondering why we have been so quiet on the blog & on any other social media as a matter of fact. And, we do have a very good explanation for it all! We recently got approved for a home loan & we have been non-stop house hunting! Now, Ric & I are big HGTV fans & we watch a lot of remodeling shows, or house hunters. We have been working very hard at paying off our debt (Thanks to our irresponsible teenage years), and creating a more stable and better future for our Family. A new beginning if you will.

We are currently just roaming like deer in headlights, hoping we can finally find “the one” and settle. Can I just say, how stressful it is to look for a house? This is a first for me, I’ve witnessed countless Family members purchase homes and design it from the ground-up, I’ve also seen Family members purchase and remodel. And, I’ve always just sat back and moved in. Never really did all the nitty gritty work. Now, as an adult, looking to see what can work for my Family & I. Our growing kids, and seeing how we can fix or remodel things. It is CRAZY! I for sure give props to my Uncles, Aunts, Parents, etc. who have gone through this process, cause it is hard!

I’m thankful for such an amazing support system, I don’t think I could’ve even ventured towards purchasing our first home without their support. Really, I say it often, and I will continue to say it, it really does take a village to raise kids & a Family. I’m thankful that Ric & I surrounded ourselves with people who have our best interest at heart, whose kindness and generosity literally shine from just a smile. They mean good even though sometimes it may not seem like it.

Every house we have looked at, “I’ve loved” in someway. A piece of a certain room can remind me of a certain time in my life or a certain room that seems familiar to me. I’m just that kind of person, I look for the home that gives you “the feels“. And, I think its safe to say that we found it. Ric and I have circled this specific house a couple of times, for the past two days at least. We finally got to see the inside, and I judged it too quickly. I didn’t look at the bigger picture. But, after looking, sitting, debating, praying. Sitting, debating, praying. We finally looked at it again today, prayed again some more. Debated, sat, prayed. Repeat. We are hoping to move forward with this home. And, before leaving this home today, Ric, myself & the kids, prayed in the driveway out loud in the car. Asking for God to bless us with this home if its in his will. We have been patient with everything, and prayed about in time if he would bless us with a home of our own. And, our time finally came. I know his timing is much more than our own.

So for now, all we ask are prayers. Prayers and positive vibes that this home that we have fallen for, that we can see our children growing-up in become ours. For now, I’ll leave it at that.

… to be continued


Pinky g.

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