How The Search Continues (Moving Edition)


I am tired. Mentally, physically, emotionally. I didn’t realize how draining it was to buy a home. You think you finally get the gist of doing this, its all exciting and then its more like toying with your emotions. I know God has a plan for us – a gracious, glorious one. One that he knows is perfect for my Family of 5! He has one waiting for us, its just patience. Lots of it. So the search continues, prayers overload. Nonetheless, we are chugging along and we continue to keep our normal routine going.

On other matters, I am aching for another vacation, or maybe I am just aching for a different atmosphere? Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you could totally just pack a duffle bag and leave on an adventure to anywhere? Uh, hold that thought real quick, but, this kind of sounds like a song lyric. Quite possibly might be one, but, my overloaded brain is drawing a blank. So, if it is a song lyric, then kudos to the songwriter! Anyways, back to my thought, today, has been THAT day for me. I debated on pulling a day trip this weekend to literally anywhere. Just a day to be disconnected and just unwind.  Life can do that to you, ya know? Throw those damn curve balls, the ones you really weren’t prepared for. Sometimes its fair, sometimes they’re really unfair. But, something I learned is to just roll with them. Give it all you got, and if you tried with all your might and it just didn’t suffice. Its okay. Yep, it truly is okay.

Always know that it will be okay.


Pinky G.

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