How People Judge Me

Well folks, it is officially 9:47 P.M. here in the Grand Canyon State & I am sipping on an Orange Mango Tea from Wendy’s Go on & judge me. ;]

Today, was a whirlwind, tiring day-the morning started off quite easy (to say the least), I woke-up at 5:30 A.M. to let Rally girl out to potty. After a few good runs out back, I brought her back in so I could catch a few more zzz’s before the first alarm goes off at 6 A.M. I snuck back into bed just to get back up again fairly quickly cause Baby Kate was a smidge fussy and needed to be changed & rearranged in her bed. After, I cared for Kate, I snuck back into bed & I glared evil-y at the clock to see the time. And, it was daunting at me.. I read 5:45 A.M. I quickly closed my eyes to sneak in 15 minutes more of much needed sleep! ** BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! ** I jumped out of bed and ran over to the alarm and fiddled with the OFF switch like I do, EVERY morning!! You think I would know where the OFF switch was, considering I turn it OFF every morning. But, I don’t. (shrugs).

I shut that sucker off and ran back into bed, but, not before nudging Ric to remind him to get up for work. No worries, my second alarm went off and reminded me that I needed to get-up at 6:30 A.M. to remind me to get the kids up and ready for school & the day. I yelled for the boys to get out of bed while I got clothes out for all 3 kids, Ric helped get Sky’s lunch ready and both boys were out of bed and brushing their teeth. We did the whole school drop off smoothly, got Spencer & Kate home and they ate breakfast as I cleaned up the kitchen & started up my lap top to follow-up on emails & social media. Sounds like a rough morning, huh? Oh, it gets better. . I decided to pack some more items into boxes while the two were occupied. I then started to vacuum the unoccupied rooms, and took out the steamer. I than began steam cleaning the carpet, wiped down the walls and baseboard. After that, I did some dishes. (phew, just writing about all this made me tired..again).

The whole day seemed packed and filled with what seems like “boring or unproductive” activities, but, as I sit here.. still drinking my tea and reflect on my morning. And, re-reading it over & over again. I’m blessed & grateful to have even woken-up. I say that with complete gratitude. In December of 2013, I came close to just never waking-up again. If you haven’t read about it– peep my birth story with Kate. Long story, short- after giving birth to Kate we made our way up into the recovery room to get some sort of rest before our visitors came. I remember being in excruciating pain & trust me- I have a HIGH pain tolerance. But, this pain was nothing I have ever felt before. A nurse came in and she checked-me only to run out to page the Doctor and told me that the Doctor said I needed to go into emergency surgery. I was mind-blown, I wasn’t even up in my recovery room for not even an hour and I barely got to hold my newborn and love on her. Everything quickly happened, I remember Ric crying & trying to call my Mom & his parents. In that instance, I did the one thing I could control and that was to pray. I closed my eyes and prayed. I asked God to keep me safe, to comfort my Husband and Family. To give them strength and persevere. I talked to my Dad, I asked him to watch-over me because I was scared. I told him, I didn’t want to go yet, not like this. That day, I ended up having to undergo two emergency surgeries at two separate times and underwent three blood transfusions.  At some point, I woke-up in the ICU and I could hear my Mom screaming at the nurse wanting to find out more details on what had happened. I couldn’t blame her, she got a text saying, “Come Meet Katelynn” and her second text was “Pinky has to undergo emergency surgery”. Well, that escalated quickly. Just like her, I wanted to find out what happened. I fell back into a slumber of sorts for a few hours, only to wake-up again in my room with my Mom, Aunt, Uncle, and in-laws. I remember seeing my Doctor for a quick second & I had so many questions and wanted to see the baby. But, I was out again.

After a few days, I finally regained some strength to piece things together, some things I did realize was I missed the boys meeting their sister for the first time. I missed all my visitors, etc. In that moment, when I was finally awake and ok. I prayed. I thanked God for keeping my Family strong, I thanked him for our safety, especially mine. I just prayed for continued healing. So, referring back to my “chaotic” morning. I was glad I was able to fiddle with the OFF switch again, I was thankful to be able to rush the kids off to school, thankful to vacuum and steam the carpet. It’s the little things that seem like burdens at times, but, in an instant all that can be something you look forward too. This was just a random ponder I had today. Not everyday, will be beautiful like you expected. But, life can be beautiful if thats how you look at it everyday. =]

When I have crazy days, I remind myself of the time I almost lost all that. Always be grateful even in the hardest, trying, tiring times. =] It’s officially 10:54 P.M. and I’m still sipping on this delicious tea. I’m excited to curl up in bed and read my nook. Don’t take your days for granted, don’t take others for granted. Be grateful.


Pinky G.

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