When I Moved Between Rental Homes

Hello Readers!

Did you miss me? I definitely missed blogging. I’ll definitely tell you that. I just got internet connected so it has been kind of hectic on my end. So, whats new with all of you? I’m hoping you are enjoying the beginning days of fall! I know I am! So, what’s new with me you ask? Well, let me tell ya!

We just moved (ish) from our rental into a different home — thanks to my Uncle! We kind of have a little more freedom to do as we please with this home, so we get to re-paint, re-model, etc. I’m pretty stoked about it, it definitely is a smidge more relaxing for us. I’m currently living out of boxes and have tried my best to unpack as much as I can, but, it hasn’t been that successful as I was hoping for. We are renovating, moving-in, unpacking all at the same time. Renovations are going smoothly and have several projects we want to do. So far we have placed hardwood floors down, our next project is redoing our cabinets, countertops, and get some tiles done in the bathroom. I guess I should clarify our projects are between the kitchen and two bathrooms.

I still have to go back to my old home, grab the last of our belongings and clean it out. UGH! So, not excited to do that. If you must know, I bought a bottle of my fave wine and have it in the fridge. I am waiting to open it once I’m officially unpacked, cleaned out the rental and I will then feel much more accomplished and satisfied to celebrate with my wine!! Its my push to hurry up and unpack and such.. haha!

I have yet to set-up my office/studio to bring back my video blogging and periscope shows! I am excited! Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And, if you really want to– snap chat ;] I won’t be updating for a while, my phone is temporarily out of service. Slowly but surely, I will be back on my social media game.


Pinky Guerrero

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