How I Lost My Marbles

Its official guys, I’ve lost my marbles. Literally, I’m mentally and physically exhausted. I can’t even remember common things I should know. Like what you may ask? Well, lets start with my address (my new one at least), what about my phone number, or better yet, my kids birthdays! (FACE PALM.) As exhausted as I am, I am also beyond restless. As most of you know (or all of you should know), I am in the process of moving, or have moved actually . . . yes, most definitely moved. During this moving process, I appropriately boxed all our belongings and labeled them except for items we were still using. (Dishes, cups, etc.) So, as soon as I got the keys to our new home, I went and grabbed necessities (make-up bags, bible, tooth brushes, etc) things that could easily be thrown into my purse. I got to the new house and unknowingly put these belongings away. As I began emptying out my other rental home, I realized I couldn’t “find” my make up bags, bible, or tooth brushes… (Are you shaking your head yet?) We literally emptied the rental out, got things ready to get picked-up for donations, and got our junk pile ready to get picked up as well. All the while, I’m frantically searching for these items that I already put away.

I got to the new house and searched in rage to find my items, and just accepted I lost them. I was bummed and just overwhelmed as I needed to replace these items fairly quickly. As I sat on my bathroom floor, I noticed a cabinet (wow, Pinky… just wow)! That I never remembered opening, of course low and behold all my “missing” items were neatly placed inside. Best part is, I opened the right side of the cabinet that morning, but, I didn’t look.

Yes, trust me I am just as shocked as all of you for my “Mom Brain.” My Husband also noticed how late I would fall asleep and how I would just toss and turn. So, I did what I knew how to do, I listed my worries, listed my TDL, and I prayed. I prayed individually for each worry, and slowly but surely crossed off my “to-do list.” I woke up feeling much more confident about the day, with a few obstacles that were easy to over come.

Today, I am tired. Exhausted. I think once I finally get all the junk out of the rental home and surrender the keys, I’ll be more at ease. Thankfully, Fall break is in less than a week and I will be able to unpack my home and enjoy it. =]

How’s your day going so far? Hopefully, it isn’t as crazy as mine!


Pinky Guerrero

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