How It Takes A Village To Raise Kids

Ladies and Gents,

It seems like it has been ages since I’ve written on here. But, truly it hasn’t. ;] If you’ve been wondering what I have been up to please check out the work blog HERE! I’ve been blogging enthusiastically in fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle and so much more for my job! To recap: it has been a month in since I decided to fully commit to working from home. I was previously balancing a satellite work location and working from home simultaneously and decided I wanted to fully commit to being home. Home as a Mom, Wife, College student and avid blogger! I’m LOVING it thus far. It was definitely a game changer as I was so used to balancing my hectic schedule of working at the hospital, going to college, then working from home and doing the Mom/Wife duties. I applaud those who can do all that without drinking a whole bottle of wine from time to time!

I was having conflicting scheduling issues with work and school, and balancing it effectively making sure I was present for all three kids demanding schedules. I wanted to be Super Mom. And, sometimes it just wasn’t possible. I decided to make sacrifices to adjust my own personal needs to make due of everything at home. I’m grateful that I did just that. I am able to spend more time with my Husband and Family. I am able to maintain my household and be a Mom. And, I am still able to conveniently make money and work from home as well as attend my year in college online. Very grateful!

I titled tonight’s blog “A Village” because I do firmly believe it takes a village, an army, a handful of people whatever you want to call it to truly make a house a home. It takes a lot of hearts to help raise children. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without those who have helped my Husband and I. I am not embarrassed to say the least that I ask for help. Do I take advantage of that help? NO! We definitely do our part in our household to do everything on our own, but, I’m grateful for Family who lend a hand regardless if we need the help or not. A great example would be, the days when I worked a full 8 hours during the day, and later that night had to go in for another 8 for a night shift at the hospital. But, my Husband has work that morning I come home from my shift. I was thankful that my Brother watched my kids during the day for my first 8 hours, then when I came home from work I would relieve my Brother of his amazing Uncle duties and I would take on my role as Wife/Mother. I would spend quality time with my kids, do HW, get the house together, prepare meals and when my Husband came home spend some time with him before we got all three kids ready for bed and as my Husband got ready for bed. I would go into my second shift at work. That following morning, my Mom graciously picked up my children from my Husband who had to go to work that morning so that when I got home from work I was able to sleep.

It’s times like that I am BEYOND grateful. My Husband and I made sacrifices to instill a broader future for our Family and we even sacrificed our time together to do so. Another great example, would be my Family helping with household things from installing flooring, helping with landscape, or painting the house. Again, I am beyond grateful because it truly goes to show how it takes a village to make a house a home.

My kids are so beyond blessed with so much love all around and the many cultures they are exposed to. My kids have a plethora of Uncles, Aunts, Grandma’s & Grandpa’s, cousins, second cousins, etc. Sometimes its hard to keep up, but, I’m thankful for the amount of love and care they receive at all times.

I’m thankful for my village that help me become a great Working Mom, Wife, and College Student. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now without any of them. My success if yours as well. Thank you!


Pinky Guerrero


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