The Ultimate Guide: Home Renovation Edition

Hello my valued readers! Can I just say how THANKFUL I am to have you all! I began blogging back in 2008 when life took a drastic turn for me (for the better). I used blogging as my outlet. I’ve always loved to write, I wasn’t always great at it. But, I loved it nonetheless! (Gotta give credit to my English teachers who always inspired me to continue writing even if my punctuation and grammar was all over the place!). But, thank you all 618 of you that follow me and my Family! I do greatly appreciate it!

I decided I can finally start my Home Renovation blog! WOO HOO! I know that you guys have probably been sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to know how our home renovation process is going. And, surprisingly its been going swell ;] As previous stated in this blog part 1 (we are moving!), and it could possibly this blog part 2 , or even this post! Well, ok so maybe there are several parts to this “home renovation blog”. . oh, and this one! ;]

Anyways, We got our first home and we got it in a pretty decent shape! The home was fully equipped with brand new carpeting through out the house, but the house needed A LOT of updating! I had a vision that I wanted for a home. Since, I’ve lived in rentals for several years, I was unable to “redesign” or “redecorate” the homes we lived in as I didn’t want the hassle of having to paint it back to how the house or home the way it was before.

Now, that we live in our own home, we have the flexibility and freedom to design how we want, decorate how we want, etc.

Check-out some of our BEFORE and AFTERS for our “Rustic Industrial” themed home!



Currently, our kitchen is still being renovated! We are doing our reno’s in groups and in random patches. The first thing we tackled when we moved in was to replace the linoleum in the kitchen. We updated the flooring to a Hand Scraped Bamboo Hardwood Flooring — we purchased our flooring HERE which was hand installed by our Uncle (Thank You, Tito)! After, we replaced some of the appliances (the home came with white colored appliances) and we swapped it to our own stainless steel. We are still in process of needing to install and replace the white appliances to the stainless steel though! (again, just a process). I repainted the cabinets with the help of my sister-in-law and she helped me antique the cabinets. I used this brand for paint — HERE for both the top and bottom cabinets! The paint color for the top cabinet is tightrope by Olympic Paint. The bottom cabinet color is silver dollar also by Olympic Paint! I wanted to create a vintage feel to the cabinets as they were previously peach colored. I used a few of Amy Howard’s products: I used the dark antique wax and the circular brush to create a vintage, rustic feel to the cabinets. Check-out my tutorial on how to antique a cabinet — HERE! I also used the Amy Howard Dust of Ages!

How To Make Vintage Cabinets

  • Remove cabinet doors from cabinets
  • Label main cabinets with matching letters to cabinet doors
  • Paint cabinet doors to desired colors (I didn’t need to sand my cabinets)
  • Paint main cabinet frame to desired colors
  • Dry
  • Use dark antique wax throughout doors and frame
  • Coat generous amount of dust of ages to create rustic feel
  • Put cabinet back together

I used two different colors for the cabinets to accent the future countertop which is granite in the color Alaska — which can be purchased HERE! Currently, the only thing left to do for the kitchen is to finish replacing the appliances, replace the countertops, and replace our lights! (No worries, blog to come again once I finish the renovation!)



Our dining room is finished as of now, we added grommet top curtains that you can purchase — HERE! I used two different colors for the curtain (pictured: cloudburst). The paint color is a dark grey. I accessorized the curtains by wrapping the tails with burlap. I added my late Father’s Crystal Chandelier and added a moulding that I vintaged using Amy Howard products. Our future reno project is to add crown moulding to the ceiling and eventually convert the flooring to hardwood. We also need to get our tables and chairs out of storage. Again, just a process.



Our living room is one of my favorite renovations! We painted the walls the same color as the dining room which was a dark grey. The window was painted a light grey. We used the same curtains for the living room window with two different sheer colors (cloudburst/grey). Our walls and curtains kind of give an ombre effect– dark grey, light grey. The shelvings was done by hand by my Husband. I used the same paint color as our top cabinet in the kitchen, and again used the Amy Howard antique products to create a rustic shelf. The idea came from pinterest– HERE! We did it slightly different by adding a third shelf but, didn’t cover it completely with a wooden frame. Left over material from the ikea stand we used to create a coffee table, and a side table. (Not pictured: coffee table). We also have to decorate the shelving, and put up the rest of our photos. As of currently, I just threw together a bunch of things to just “see” how I would decorate it. I did refurb some of my mason jars and covered them with tulle, burlap, created some floral ribbons, and feathers to create some rustic, farmhouse inspired designs. (I will picture those as well in the next blog).

Our inspiration and theme for our colors came from a photo that was custom made for our home. My Husband surprised me with a one-of-a-kind art work created by a local AZ artist. He freestyle cuts (using scissors ) designs and puts it together to create masterpieces. You can see some of his work — HERE!

Here is the artwork he created for our home:


It says “Greetings from the Guerrero’s” It is perfectly situated by our front door. The colors used is grey, gold, white, black, brown, silver. All these colors are incorporated throughout our home.

I hope you like our current reno project. I’ll definitely continue to update you all on the home. As of now, these are the current rooms that we are working on. We have painted part of the hallway, and part of one bathroom. Again, a process. We are enjoying the projects and love how everything is turning out!


Pinky Guerrero

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