How I Find Gratitude In The Smallest Things

Hey there readers,

I can’t believe December is literally TOMORROW! Uh, where did time go?! December is very near and dear to me for so many reasons. One being, that it’s my Daughter’s birthday on the 1st. The second thing, is that December is when life took a very interesting turn for me — mentally, emotionally and physically. In December 08, I found out I was pregnant with Skyler-Ian, December for me is a reminder of a journey well worth it. I also got married in December, on Christmas of 2008 (double whammy). So, December is pretty special to me.

With that in mind, I have been contemplative on saving this post for Christmas or merely just posting it and doing a different post on that day. So, I went for my second option.

I just want to give a HUGE shout out to my other half Ric​. A very hardworking man, who always goes above and beyond for his Family. I barely see him as he works all day, everyday. So, days off are something I cherish. He is out of the house before the sun comes up and comes home when the sun is already down, spends possibly an hour-two with the kids when he gets home from work because they are in bed by 830. He reads them stories, plays with them, hugs and kisses them even though I can tell how exhausted he is. He helps me with household chores, and helps me with the kids schedule. He takes Sky to school every morning and even makes him a lunch. Our marriage hasn’t always been easy, but, the journey has been truly worth it. I’ve seen us grow-up together (literally, since I’ve known him since we were 5 years old), the beginning stages of our marriage was a hit and miss, we were so young and still learning. Looking back now, I can’t imagine learning with anyone else.

I know we have that one person in our life that is always there for us in good times and in bad, through thick and thin. Mine would be my Husband. This December I am remembering the good times, the bad. The moments when I felt life was over (love my over-exaggeration?) and the moments when I truly witnessed miracles. This is a kind reminder to appreciate anything and everything in your life, good or bad. Learn from all your obstacles, enjoy the journey and always be kind. Be understanding of those in your life, but, be smart to not be taken advantage of. Life should be lived positively so weed out those who don’t uplift you what-so-ever. You don’t need that kind of juju in you life. I’ve learned so much about my relationships with others, my marriage, myself and much more by just taking those negative influences out. Trust me it won’t be easy, but, well worth it. Lastly, appreciate those who help you and uplift you. They do it out of love and care, so always do the same in return.

Thank You, Ric for all you do. You are appreciated.


With gratitude,

Pinky G.

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