How I Find Sanctuary

Hello readers,

It’s been awhile since I posted an update on the Fam, I figured now is the perfect time to ring in 2016 with some updating!

I hope everyone’s had a fab beginning to 2016! We kept it low key and tried our best to stay awake and keep the kids up til midnight! They stayed awake thankfully! Ric however KO and we all opted out of alcoholic beverages and chugged down red bulls! It didn’t work. LOL!

You’re probably wondering why I titled this post “sanctuary” and I’m glad you are wondering. As parents, our duties are never ending. Being a parent is a 24-hour job (more than 24 hours actually), sometimes no breaks & sometimes it isn’t easy! I brag about my three kids – ALL. THE. TIME. They’re my greatest blessings! But, sometimes it isn’t all glitters, rainbows & kisses. These past few days we are transitioning back into our schedule after a glorious few weeks off. We are going back to school, incorporating new chores into their routines (yes, my 2, 5 & 6 year old do age appropriate chores), and trying to get back into the groove of things.

It’s been easy to get back on schedule since we never got off of it. But, lord have mercy, the other day when we weren’t on schedule the house was turned upside down. Monday there was no school cause of MLK day! Of course it caused confusion and brought forth, “how come I can’t go to school today?” Argument. My kid LOVES school, if he was allowed to go to school on the weekends he would. God bless his teachers, he is a talker, but, LOVES to learn! Anyways, Monday I utilized to clean, organize & finish up some projects I meant to finish last year. It seemed after every room I cleaned the three kids collaborated on destroying the room. And, even after every talk, and closing the doors, I’d open it to find messes galore!

The boys were at each other’s wits on tattle taling  on one another, “he hit my elbow,” “I don’t want to play with him!”, “I had it first.” Man, it went on for hours, even after I talked to both boys! I just wasn’t catching a break. The baby, was glued to my hip. She had to be wherever I was. Hold my hand even if I needed both hands. And, on all days when I’m free I love to do just that. But, I needed space, I needed to finish and tackle the chores as it was my only free day. Literally, every where I went the kids yelled and hollered for me. I just was searching for sanctuary, a moment of quiet. A moment to just think and breathe. Even nap time wasn’t happeneing for any of them.

I honestly got nothing done. Barely. I’m not complaining or whining, but parents I’m sure you’ve been there where you’re aching for that moment of silence to just finish a load of laundry. That’s all I wanted and needed. Thank heavens, even though it was chaotic throughout the day I was able to pull weeds in the first half of the front yard, paint two sets of cabinets, throw laundry into the washer and dryer. And, still do my work load. I’m finished a majority of it today though. And, thankfully my kids are all behaved and cooperating.

I thought I’d share  this  photo of how beautiful my hands look ;] they’re dry, formed calluse, and aching. But, these hands nurture and care for three littles too! Sometimes sanctuary can be a quick meditation and prayer. That’s all I needed.

Pinky G.

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