How The Whole House Got Sick

Guys, it has truly been awhile since I’ve been THIS sick. I mean sick as in constant fetal position, chills galore, fire burning throat, coughing up my lungs, and so much pressure from congestion. Did I mention body aches? Yeah, I have those too. Everyone in my Family was down for the count. Husband went down first, the three kids followed suit. I was washing my hands non-stop & downing juice & vitamin C like no tomorrow. But, I knew it was inevitable and bound to happen.

But, as soon as EVERYONE was getting over being sick, it hit me like a block of cement. Worst part is Mom’s don’t take days off. Luckily, or well, on a positive note, the day I did get sick was everyone’s last day of sickness so, they were still ok with lying around, eating lots of soup, and just sleeping a lot. (Praise God, cause that’s ALL I wanted to do was sleep). I slept mostly on the floor under two covers, and wore a hoodie, and sweats. My house was turned upside down fairly quickly. Getting water was a task in itself.

My Mom and Step-Dad had stopped by to check on us & thankfully helped around the house. Threw away some trash, washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, fed the kids & even got us groceries. They were lifesavers. I really needed the help! My Brother stopped by and brought some goodies as well and played with the kids so I could sleep. LIFESAVERS!

As Parents, we work around the clock whether it’s working all day, or going to school all day, doing both, or simply being a stay-at-home parent. It’s still ALL hard work. Sometimes its hard to take days off, but, remember your health is important too. Sometimes I forget that and keep pushing even when I feel like everything is falling apart. So, lesson learned for me. Take a break, sleep in, take medicine, and rest. ;]

I’m moving better today, still chilly, still congested and still coughing. But, thankfully my fever has subsided and I actually got up and cooked. FIRST since Wednesday of last week! I’ll be back on schedule for AllWomenStalk as soon as I can shake this cough and congestion.


Prayers and hope everyone stays healthy!


Pinky G.

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