The Ultimate Guide To Parenthood (& Failing)

Hey guys,

I hope everyone is doing swell! It’s definitely been awhile since I’ve posted a “parenting” blog and I think today was a PERFECT day to do one! It’s been HECTIC in the Guerrero household. We recently got our fur child spayed (not fun). My Husband kindly dropped her off to get spayed at 6:30 in the morning & I didn’t pick her up till about 2 in the afternoon. I was a nervous wreck the WHOLE day! Before, I go any further with the story, let me admit that I’m a crier. I cry during good times, sad times, angry moments, or just cause I think something is cute. Yep, I cry. I literally held back tears when I picked up my dog and she was so lethargic! That same day, Skyler had a dental appointment to get his teeth pulled (one of four sessions) and I was a mess (again)! I’m thankful my Brother helped during the whole process because I seriously was worst than a two-year old in a dental chair. And, by the way, my kid was freaking TERRIFIC! He sat quietly, didn’t flinch, and said he didn’t feel anything and was totally FINE! Ugh! I freaked out and worried for nothing! The kid is tough! He didn’t flinch over needles, he didn’t flinch when they pulled his molars & he even asked to keep the teeth! Kudos, kid, kudos!

The past few days have been challenging, the kids are getting back on schedule from a nice long spring break, and although I keep them on a schedule even if it is a break, it was a little difficult trying to get used to doing homework again. To add onto that, the kids have been “annoying” each other more. Literally, they’re purposely pushing each other, nagging one another, not sharing. I don’t know what is in the water but, today, I think summed up a good parental breakdown.

Yep, at dinner today, my oldest and middle child didn’t want to eat. I’m sure they talked about it earlier (like how I always think they plot against me) & declared a hunger strike. Instead, they chose to lay their heads on the table and whine. I was baffled. I normally get this from one kid but, not two! I eventually got all three to eat, but, it wasn’t easy. There was whining about chop sticks & complaining about one kicking the other, and a baby who refused to sit and eat cause she wanted to stand and dance. I barely touched my food, and instead finished my pot of tea. I fumbled with iPhones and hid every soy sauce, sugar packet and remaining chop sticks from sticky fingers! It was a disaster. My kids normally behave when we go out to eat at restaurants. They normally will sit put, color, talk to one another, and eat whats in front of them. Today, blew me away!

After dinner, I wanted nothing more than to get all three cleaned up and ready for bed. But, of course just sitting in the car there was bickering, or “his feet stink!” or “don’t look at me!” type of ordeals. Mind blown! We finally made it home and the kids were whining again! I managed to get all three cleaned & in pajamas. Chatted with the two boys to figure out what was going on, what they were feeling and why they were acting that way. As a parent, it can be frustrating if our kids can’t or won’t communicate, sometimes the other forms of communication like acting out is their way of communicating. So, before bed, I wanted to make sure  I got to chat with them in a more calm environment and one on one. Even during this quiet, calm moment, there was still whining. But, it eventually worked out and a hug, kiss and an “I love you” settled it all.

To be honest, sometimes I wake-up and wish the night would start over. I stay up a lot of the nights as this is the only time I can complete school work, work-work or get anything done in the house– quietly and peacefully. I mean during the day I am able to get a few things done, but, with a few interruptions here and there. Sometimes I feel like a chicken with my head cut off trying to catch-up and keep up with everything. As a Parent, you don’t get breaks, there are no time-outs, or “be right back”. Being a Mom for me is a 24/7 job. I Mommy all day, everyday! I love being a parent, don’t get me wrong, but, sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and let them run wild! But, I know I can’t. Instead, I take a deep breath, grab some air if necessary, say a prayer and continue.

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs EVER, but, it’s also the HARDEST! Today, I think goes down in the books for sure. By all means, I’m not complaining. I’m merely stating defeat. As parents, you can’t always win, and today, I definitely lost. It was an experience to remember and a great lesson learned. And, as the night finally winds down, and I finally have a moment of solitude, I’m cherishing this “ME TIME”, because I don’t get a lot of it. I know when I look back later down the road when my kids are all grown, I’ll miss it. And, I know I will.

Have you ever had a crazy parenting story ? I want to hear about yours! How did you handle it? Let me know in the comments below!



Pinky Guerrero

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