When I Graduate…

Hello readers!

If you’ve been with my blog since the beginning which was back in 2012 then you know I’ve been in college for what seems like FOREVER! You’ve been with me since ‘heyitspink’ was originally just my public online diary. I’m happy to announce that I am FINALLY graduating!

EEEK!!! Cue pomp and circumstance! Cue the graduation gowns & caps! SO EXCITED! Granted, I do have my associates degree and two state certifications and a national certification. So, I mean I technically graduated college! But, for those who have followed my educational journey you know it wasn’t always easy to obtain ANY of those degrees or papers! I couldn’t attend college on grounds or on campus, which made schooling hard. I was able to attend college on campus from 2007 to mid-2008. See, 2008 wasn’t an easy year for me. My Dad passed away from cancer, the home I lived in foreclosed & I found myself in a downward spiral of rebellion. I got pregnant out of wedlock in 2008 & moved to Las Vegas. I attended college in Las Vegas with what was left of my savings account and with the help of my boyfriend (now Husband). I passed my class pregnant and all! The end of 2008 I happily got married to my Husband and the beginning of 2009 became a new positive adventure. We moved back to Arizona & I continued my education. After, I had Skyler in 2009, I realized going on campus with a Baby didn’t seem doable (cause it technically wasn’t). Time slots for a class was impossible with a newborn and a hard working Husband. I attended several different colleges until I found the right college for me. I finished all my prerequisites on campus (thankfully) and thus the hunt to find online courses to accomplish my core classes was the new task.

In 2010, technically which would be my third year of college, I gave birth to my second child- Spencer. I had enrolled to do a certification to become a Nurse’s Assistant which was a 6-week program. My Husband and I rarely saw one another and I rarely saw my kids as we did a whole lot of pass-offs to Family and to one another to finish the program. I proudly graduated with my first certification that year in which I obtained a state certification. I was SO proud of myself. I could’ve never accomplished this without the help of my Mom, Husband, Brother, Grandparents, Cousins and Aunts, Uncles. They all took the time to watch my kids when they could!

I worked as much as I could during those years and continued my education online through Kaplan University to obtain my associates degree. I was able to accomplish my associates degree and graduated cum laude in 2013. With my associates I obtained a national certification as a Registered Medical Assistant. As you can see, healthcare was my niche. I was attending college to become a nurse. Although, it got to the point in my education where core classes online was difficult cause there were labs I had to attend, and some classes weren’t available online. Mind you, I paid for my own education via scholarships, grants and loans. So, that was another factor in finishing college. Sometimes I had the funds, and sometimes I didn’t.

After graduating with my associates, I was able to work at various hospitals and clinics to get a feel for the job, I absolutely LOVED it. But, something kept telling me this wasn’t for me.  When I graduated high school in 2007, I originally wanted to major in communications and marketing. It was my thing. I was good at it. Every job opportunity that came to me was related to marketing/Promotions/PR. But, a part of me kept pushing forth for nursing. A lot of doors closed and opened throughout the years. Many times I would force things to happen, only for it to fall apart because it just wasn’t meant to be. But, one door constantly and consistently remained opened. After my final option aka my final door in this educational journey, closed, I finally shook myself, and took a break. I really prayed about it, meditated, and looked for guidance. Sometimes we can spend hours, days, months, years trying to make things work and it just really wasn’t going to work. That happened to me. I spent a good 7 + years trying to make “nursing” happen. It just wasn’t and it didn’t. It was a very hard pill to swallow. Very hard.

You’re probably thinking, she gave up. But, I truly didn’t  I fought hard for 7+ years to make it happen.  “How did you know it wasn’t for you?” simple. After having the kids, I was at the point in my degree were I finally was able to attend core classes. No matter how hard I tried to get into a class, either finances fell through, or classes wouldn’t accept me. I also have to mention that I had no sitters available, we financially couldn’t afford a sitter during this time. So, day classes wasn’t an option. If you were to look at my college transcripts I literally tried every college available to me to try online classes or find classes that offered night classes. I even attended college out of state. There wasn’t anything. The doors were always closed. But, I fought relentlessly, for years! People or the nay sayers assumed I just had an excuse to everything.  I did get into a program or  I got accepted into several different programs. Just couldn’t go attend class. I couldn’t afford a sitter and to make things clear, my kids were never my reason why I couldn’t finish college traditionally. First of all, they’re my priority and my responsibility, not anyone else’s. My kids are my reason why I kept pushing for other options to complete college. I had to find the means to make both ends meet without having to live off in the streets. So, shoo haters and trolls.

So, I positively moved forward and accepted what couldn’t be. I cried several times, I was a nervous wreck & suffered greatly with anxiety. Imagine working SO hard towards a goal & really coming to terms it wasn’t meant to be. But, you’ve worked for YEARS to accomplish this. More than 7 years! But, I held my head up high and moved forward. I got accepted into Grand Canyon University’s online program for bachelors in marketing. I was excited and nervous. For years, I’ve been hired and successfully marketed and promoted for companies, I even worked for the National Hockey League for the Phoenix Coyotes!

I finally got an email today telling me I would be potentially graduating with my bachelors on August 6,2017!

Cue the drum roll. Cue the confetti. I finally did it! Three kids later, multiple career changes & a lot of closed doors, a lot of help from Family. But, I did it! I have had a lot of accomplishments in my life, but, by far this was one of the hardest feats I’ve had to accomplish and I’m excited to say although it took what seemed like forever I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So to everyone who is reading this, it’s okay. Time isn’t always going to be your friend, and sometimes things don’t always work out as you planned. But, don’t beat yourself up for it, just keep moving forward. You’re not in a race and there is never a time limit on education or working towards your goals. Work at your own pace, do what’s best for you. I’ve heard so many negative feedback even from Family saying, “The amount of schooling she’s done she could’ve become a Doctor.” But, you know what take those criticisms, and negativity and use it to continue to push forward. Brush off their nasty comments, you’re doing this for yourself and not for the applause or for anyone’s wellbeing.

Lets conquer the rest of this year readers, and lets rock 2017!



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