How I Rock-Out Through December

Guys! We are half-way through December. And, like November it quickly came and gone! I feel like I have not been able to just sit and type like I used too. I solely, rely on a Calendar and constant reminders to tell me where I should be at what time, and when. Phew, it’s simply tiring! I am however, very grateful to have some down time today. I got all three kids to take a nap simultaneously and am catching-up on laundry that I think has been sitting in the hallways for weeks. Mind you, I find myself constantly washing uniforms (school uniforms, work uniforms) only! So, I figured having my hallway back would be a great way to end the year!  Any ways, with Christmas coming-up and so many new changes and events had come and gone, I figured some writing was way over- due!

My kids are growing-up way too fast! Skyler-Ian, turned 7 this year, Spencer turned 6 and Katelynn turned 3! You can learn more about their birthdays in this blog– HERE! This year, had a lot of challenges. From the boys school switching schools in the beginning to the year, to having a part-time Nanny to help with the three kiddos (which I am forever grateful for), and trying to slowly renovate our home, as well as adding on a few extra-curricular activities.

Thankfully, all these challenges or new comings went smoothly. The boys switching schools in the beginning of the year was a bit overwhelming. We had an issue with the original school the boys were enrolled in & therefore they moved to a different school. It took some time to adjust, but, it worked-out well. Unfortunately, they won’t be staying at this school after this year. So, fingers crossed on smooth transitions.

I’ve been working more since the kids have gotten older. And, I know I have discussed this prior. Since, we lived in our old house in Avondale, we were looking for a Nanny. We looked and interviewed, did trial-runs, but, they didn’t very long. Whether it was our kids not having that connection, or that the schedule didn’t work for the other person. Thankfully, We finally found an amazing friend who helps us with SSK about 3-4 times a week. She is everything and more! Our kids are obsessed with her, and we adore her and her Family! I am forever blessed by her help, and her love and care she gives SSK! It’s hard to find people who genuinely love your kiddos!

Renovations around the house are S L O W! Like, seriously, slow! The most we have done since completing the earlier renovations was finally re-doing the bathroom floors (from my epic pinterest fail). Otherwise, that’s about it. I mean one day, I will put renovations on the top of my list. But, for right now. My house is a home even if it’s slightly in shambles.

We recently added on a few extra-curricular activities to our crazy, hectic lifestyle! And, if you follow-me on any of my social media, you probably already know that Skyler-Ian recently joined Hockey! He has been asking me to play hockey for over a year. I was hesitant, because of how expensive it was. Thankfully, I came across this program — learn about it HERE! It’s called “Little Howlers,” Spencer was originally in it as well and absolutely hated it! But, to each their own. Skyler, has NEVER been on ice, or handled a hockey stick in his life. Surprisingly, he caught-on quick and we received a lot of high praise for Skyler’s quick learning. He quickly went through the program & we joined another two programs. He quickly is completing those respectively and we got asked to join a league! Skyler, finally found his calling. He loves hockey, loves being at the rink, and honestly, its quite hard to get him to go home! But, nonetheless, I am grateful he found a sport he loves.

Recently, I feel as though my life revolves around a Calendar. I share multiple calendars with various people: I have my own personal calendar (this is pretty much reminders to myself); I share a calendar with my gf’s and group of friends (typically our social outing calendar); and I share  calendar with Ric (basically, everything to pertain to the kids and their schedules). I also share a calendar with our Nanny and our friend (this is more so a work schedule). I LOVE my calendars as chaotic as it may seem on my phone. I write a lot of these dates down into my agenda. But, it helps me stay organized and on-top of things. I know as the kids get older, the more crazier the calendar will get.

Today, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to sit an just do laundry. Not worry about homework, or anything like that. Today, I am enjoying my household chores (surprise, surprise!). The holidays are coming quick this weekend, and I don’t even have gifts ready!

What are your holidays looking like? Let me know!


With love,


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