How Ric Found The One

How do you know if she’s the ‘One‘ you want to be with until the sun stops rising? She will be the one you can’t imagine another day without. Even though she eats only the top half of the bagels and puts all the bottom halves back in the bag, you’re ok with it because her half-ass explanation is too cute to get mad. She’s the one you can’t stay mad at no matter how many of your clothes are accidentally ruined from the pink sock that found its way into the wrong load of laundry.

She understands the silence after a long day, but can deal with the noise of game night. She knows just how to make the day better when you came home from a rough day. She’s going to be the one you wanna take home to Momma and show off to all your friends. She is going to be the girl who you’re willing to embarrass yourself a little bit just to see her giggle at your foolishness.

She will set roots in your soul, there will be no turning back. This girl encourages a better you, but is perfectly happy with the person you are. She’s open and willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. She’s going to be the one who makes you feel off balance when she’s not around, yet so secure in your life.

This mystery girl will be your future, making you forget about your past. She’s going to make you feel whole when you’re feeling lost and empty inside. She will surprise you. She will make you want to do better, be more, find a solution. There will not be a day she doesn’t cross your mind. She might not always get it right, but her thought and efforts will always be enough.

You’re going to love her freckles, her inability to hold back laughing when you’re a klutz, the way she pronounces works incorrectly. You’re gonna love how she’s finds ways to carry on conversations even when there’s an awkward pause.

She’s the girl of your dreams but better. Her perfume will make you smile. When you argue about trivial crap you will both laugh about it later over some wine. She might not be your best friend, but she will be your soul mate. She will make you feel confident in yourself when your mind isn’t in the right place. You will confide in her pep talks, find peace in her smile and melt from the twinkle in her eyes. She will appreciate your strengths and understand your flaws.

She’s not a figment of your imagination, she just might not be in your radar. As men, we are opposed to showing and sharing how we feel. But why? Fear of ridicule from our peers. Ironically, we all have the same thoughts but feel the need to show a front to appease your image. She won’t make you regret your past, but she will make you excited for your future.

She will make you a better person. She will be your better half.

She will be your forever. She will require your attention, your appreciation, your love. Without a little returned effort, she may be your white buffalo. She might slip through your fingers. Don’t think for a moment you deserve her, because you don’t. You will need to put forth effort, too. She will seem like she’s out of your league, and that’s probably because she is. She deserves to be happy, she deserves to feel your love.

Make her happy, keep her happy. Realize this early and realize this quick: do not make her feel bad about her life decisions, because in the end you were one of them.


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