How I Make HumpDays My B*tch

Happy Hump Day, fellow readers! August came out of nowhere! Let me just tell you — I feel like I’ve barely had time to just sit and unwind.

My goal these next few months is to be off the computer by the evening and just curl up on the couch and read a book. Thankfully, I’ve been able to do just that maybe like once or twice this week. Which is not enough, to be honest.  Unfortunately, if I get a notification I run to the office and launch my computer. I try my best to deal with work-related things in the morning, but, I do read the notifications. Such a bad habit.

Another goal of mine is to just tend to house chores and needs throughout the week instead of waiting till the weekend to carry out them. I normally do the basics throughout the week: clean dishes, wipe counters, sweep/vacuüm. And, of course, clean any bathrooms if need be, throw garbage and disinfect garbage cans. I used to wait until Friday to do the laundry-folding, putting away. Which conflicted with any weekend plans and Hockey. Cause laundry really would take up my whole entire day. So, I figured if I do get enough to do during the middle of the week — who am I kidding with a Family of 5 and uniforms for work & school I always have a lot to wash. I do a good chunk of laundry during the week so that I can ease the loads over the weekend. I’ve also been trying to budget more effectively and smarter than what I was doing before as we are taking on Hockey & Soccer this year! So far, we are doing great! I gotta thank one of my Besties for her tips!

We have a birthday coming up this weekend and SIR is turning 8! Guys, I remember just writing a blog about him turning 3 and going into pre-school! (Cue *waterworks*). It’s exciting to see him flourish as he gets older, but it’s also bittersweet seeing him grow older. I’m cherishing these moments more & more as they get older. Cause I’m reminded daily that they won’t be little forever (even though I wish they would!).

Some projects I’m working on that I’d love to share are:

  • YouTube Project
  • Podcast Project
  • Finally writing that book that I’ve wanted to write


I’m excited for you guys to see the new projects come to life. It’s been a long time coming! Overall, I’m enjoying posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday — it keeps all my readers up to date and everything and everyone on a schedule. So make sure to stay tuned! there will be more vLogs coming to this blog! Make sure to check-out the most recent vLogs from SSKApodamis!


Have a Happy Hump Day & I’ll see you guys on Friday ;]


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