How To Lose Your Patience In Less Than An Hour


I’m a day late on my post and figured I’d do a twofer since I post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I wanted to touch base on something that I think as parents we all get tested with once in a while. And, that my dear readers, is patience.

I don’t know about you guys but, patience disappeared from me a long time ago after having three kids. I, unfortunately, lack it at times.  As a Mom of 3 I’m constantly shuttling to and from locations with three kids, and sometimes two dogs — it would be much easier doing errands or grocery shopping or even getting around from point A to point B alone, especially if I’m on a time constraint. The busiest days are the days I wish I had like 8 arms and there was more than one of me.

I had dropped Spencer and Kate off at Grandma’s aka Mom’s house so that I could take G-Pa and Skyler-Ian to hockey. Our whole day was eventful as it was also Skyler’s pre-birthday dinner. We got to hockey and a sleepy Skyler was just having an off day. Normally, my rambunctious 8-year-old LOVES going to hockey regardless of how tired he is. But, today just wasn’t his day. We were running late as is and I was quickly trying to get his gear prepped and ready for him to put on so he could join the others on ice. I was hurrying him as time was ticking, we had less than 5 minutes to get gear on and our butts on the ice.

As we slowly got his pads on and his uniform, he finally made his way down to the rink. I could see Skyler’s face just pouting from inside his helmet. G-Pa and I also made our way down to the stand to watch. Before Skyler got onto the ice, I pulled him aside and asked him if he just wanted to skip hockey for that day due to his poor attitude and what seemed like his unwillingness to want to do it that day. Even though we were already there, and dressed, I was willing to let him pass if he just wasn’t up to it. The last thing I wanted to do was force him to go on the ice. Surprisingly, He told me, he was just tired and wanted five more minutes of sleep. But, he didn’t want to miss hockey. I told him to try his best, gave him a hug and sent him off. As they began doing their drills, I noticed Skyler struggling a bit. Normally, Skyler does pretty well on catching-on to drills and things. I saw a Coach skate over to Sky and helped him with his stick handling. After a few guided efforts & some encouragement, Skyler succeeded on his stick handling. I could see his little smile from glass window pane of the rink. That’s the Skyler that I knew on ice.

At this moment, I was reminded that we are all going to have our good days, bad days, and just purely exhausted days. Very much like how Skyler was feeling.  Unfortunately, I forgot that Skyler was just 8 and a kid doing what he loved. I am so used to being so busy and doing things back-to-back and running errands, etc. That Skyler wasn’t, he normally would be in school as I accomplished these tasks. I had to cut Skyler some slack. It was an epic Mom fail — because even on the busiest days we still have to put forth our efforts to accomplish the tasks at hand, regardless of time constraints. Patience will be tested, I learned that fairly quickly. But, it’s about accomplishing the goals successfully and not stressfully. No matter how I try to speed processes up, it won’t do justice if it isn’t done correctly.

Skyler, ended his drills smiling. And, much energetic than before, I had apologized to him for rushing him and pretty much draining him out with errands before practice. He understood and he knew I was just trying to get everything done before dinner. That night we celebrated Skyler-Ian’s 8th birthday particularly early. We all enjoyed it and seeing smiling kids and happy faces were well worth the crazy day I had.


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