How Skyler Got Burned Out

Guys, Friday could not come fast enough. The Guerrero household is feeling “fried” — burned out. Burned to an absolute crisp! We’ve had such a busy week, and the breaks never help!

Here is a little background for you, nothing is worse than when your child doesn’t understand the concept of something they’re learning. They spend ENDLESS hours being at school-learning. Then they come home and do homework and they STILL don’t get it. My heart hurts for them. It’s because I can only do so much as a parent. I don’t know what they’re learning or don’t know how to teach them. Or I may teach them differently than what they’re used too. I see my bright-eyed boy who loves to go to school, come home and dread doing the work. I can only imagine once sports pick up how drained & frustrated he is going to be.

Luckily, I’m reaching out to every avenue I have tutoring services, extra help in homework, or even extra time with the teacher. Fingers crossed that it helps!

Now, we all kind of might be familiar with my backstory. Pregnant at an early age out of wedlock. Yeah, that speech! A lot of people will say I did life ” backward” meaning I had the baby first than got married, did college, etc. And, it took a long time for me to be “ok” with what society thought of my situation. I used to beat myself up daily for it! Now, as I get older it really doesn’t matter what order I did live, as long as I handled it. My life is and always will be a work in progress. I’m always finding ways to better myself and do more for my family and for our future. I graduated college, have a career, a home, and a healthy family. I achieved all that even when I did life ” backward”.

Now, I’m not saying go out there and get pregnant early, etc. No, I’m just saying handle your situation and work with what you’ve got. Ignore the comments and haters, let that be motivation for you to get to the top.




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