How I Overcome Exhaustion: Sports Mom Edition

My titles are clever, aren’t they? No, they really aren’t. Especially after the night that I had. And, no it’s not the kind of night you’re thinking. It consisted of tears, hurt, and exhaustion.

I realized I’ve gone through a variety of obstacles, obstacles I merely am not ready for. It’s mentally, physically and emotionally draining. Nonetheless, as a Mom, there are no breaks or time-outs. So, therefore, I must carry on and move forward. This week begins the double sports schedule! Am I ready? No, but, I’m excited about my kids because they’re looking forward to it! My days merely consist of sporting practices throughout the week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays consist of Hockey and Soccer. Wednesday and Friday are my days “off” if you will. I look at my agenda and it’s merely just covered in highlighter. A variety of highlighter colors, not just one! A color for each category: bills, sports, appointments, functions, and work.

If I could multiply myself to be in a multitude of areas, it would be simpler. But, I’m not able to do that. I’m trying my hardest not to spread myself too thin.

I’m sure once I figure out the scheduling and school schedules on top it will be easier and more fluid. Right now, we are still trying to adjust.

Yesterday, we were invited to a Private event at Wet N’ Wild by Discount Tire! The park was closed off to the public for a few hours (which was SO nice)! No long lines, no overcrowded pools. It was pure bliss.

The kids were excited as we told them the morning of our Sunday, fun day adventure! We have never been to Wet n’ Wild and we have lived here for many years. Strange, I know. The kids enjoyed the wave pool the most, and Skyler LOVED the slides! We barely made height need for any of the slides, to be honest. But, grateful we were able to get him on some.

We finished the night off loving Baby Owen at Aunt Christine’s and Uncle Tho’s. Ugh, it was so cute and sweet seeing Kate love on Owen!

The day was long and it was just exhausting. But, today is a new day meaning hockey practice! That will be fun! Skyler had a game on Saturday and Sharks won 9-6! Woo Hoo, no goals for Sky but he had 2 assists!

I hope you have a fabulous Monday, as fabulous as you are!



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