How I Stay Focused​ By Drinking Tea

Happy Tuesday, GP5 Fam!

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I have a vlog going up soon! I just have to edit it.  =p On today’s blog, I wanted to chat about an awesome company known as “TeaMi“.  For those who followed me for years know that I’ve been a TeaMi Tea Ambassador since the former blog. As a curtsy, I just want to let you know that using the coupon code provided at the end of this blog, I do get a 10% commission. =D This blog is my honest review of the company as well as it’s products. I was not paid to post this. =]

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For those who haven’t heard of TeaMi Blends, it is a Florida based tea company created by 3 founders who believe in helping their customers live happier, healthier lifestyles through their products! Their company motto, “It’s not just a tea, it’s a lifestyle”. I dig it!

TeaMi offers a variety of different teas: TeaMi Colon, TeaMi Bloom, TeaMi Profit, TeaMi Alive, TeaMi Skinny, TeaMi Energy, TeaMi Relax, and the TeaMi Focus.

What makes their teas special?’ well, great question! TeaMi teas are made with all-natural ingredients, these ingredients contain a variety of different loose leaf teas. You can find each ingredient for the different teas offered on their website under each product. Loose leaf teas are dried crushed tea leaves, loose leaves are better for brewing compared to regular tea bags. This is because the hot water will infuse every inch of the loose leaf to provide a better quality, with a fuller flavor.

All TeaMi products are all natural, dairy free, soy free, NON-GMO, and vegan! Whew! TeaMi, states they use the highest quality ingredients for their teas! They also ship FREE in the US!

Today, I wanted to chat with you about TeaMi Focus! 

Sometimes during the day I feel sluggish, or just completely out of it. More times then I can count, I feel like I just can’t focus, or remember the things I am supposed to be doing. (I guess having 3 kids does that to ya — haha). TeaMi Focus is just the tea for me! This herbal blend is made-up of Yerba Mate Leaf*, Guayausa Leaf*, Peppermint Leaf, Assam Black Tea Leaf, Panax Ginseng, Gurana Seeds, Goji Berries, Stevia Leaf, Gingko Bilboa Leaf, All natural L-Theanine Suntheanine, and All-Natural Tea Extract.

*These are fair trade products

I’ve linked what these ingredients are in full-detail so you don’t have to look it up! ;] According to their website TeaMi Focus has many benefits:

  • Improve Focus
  • Increase Mental Clarity
  • Enhance Productivity Levels
  • Promotes Clear Concentration
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Raise Energy Levels Naturally
  • Suppress Cravings Naturally
  • Burns Calories
  • No headaches, jitters or crashes!
  • All-Natural Ingredients – No Chemicals!

This sweet tea has a subtle taste of peppermint, and I personally like to drink my teas with creamer or half and half (whichever is available). The aroma is everything! It smells fresh and minty! I like to make this tea hot with a little bit of agave or raw sugar and of course creamer.

I also use my pink tumblr which is available through TeaMi as well! The tumblrs come in various colors such as: Pink, Green, Black, Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Grey and Orange. There is also a special edition tumblr that comes in Gold, Mermaid and ROSE GOLD!


They come in various sizes 400 mL and 600 mL — the tumblrs are BPA free, have double layered walls, have an easily removable mesh insert, a sports flip top, and an additional secret bottom compartment to hold (more) tea, vitamins, snacks & more! (WIN!)

TeaMi has also released NEW Tumblr inserts — these inserts would replace your clear insert with designs such as:

  • Mermaids
  • Geographic Patterns
  • Cactus

Aren’t these super cute?! I think they’re just the cutest! Adds some flair to your tea Tumblr!

Personally, I think the tea tastes wonderful hot, cream or no cream. I’ve also had it iced and the kids personally liked it better cold! Haha! I fill my tumblr about a half way through and that alone gave me a zip of energy for the morning to tackle chores, homeschool, and blog editing! And, its completely safe for children — You can learn more about the safety and age limit, nursing/pregnancy, etc. in their FAQ’s section.

TeaMi is an awesome tea company that provides a variety of different flavors and different health benefits! My personal faves: Focus, energy, and relax! Make sure the check them out and try it for yourself! Here is a 15% discount code to use during your purchase: PINKY15!

Start Shopping =]





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