STORY TIME: Moving to Vegas, Selling our Home!

What’s up GP5 Family! Man, Do I have a LONG story for you! It will answer a lot of questions and hopefully shed light on my life’s current situations! Cause I know you have to be curious (or nosy) HA HA! Whichever.

If you’ve followed me on social media you’d know that I took a slight hiatus on my Facebook, Instagram, etc. I did this for several reasons:

  1. I had to focus on the load that was on my plate (it was too much)
  2. I wanted to focus on my school work
  3. because I totally can =p

In the blogging world, it’s hard to really “take a break”, because to stay “relevant” or even keep up with affiliate partnerships, you have to stay consistent with your material! But, that my friends will be saved for another blog post, on a different day. ;]

Anyways, a lot of crazy unpredictable things happened within these past 3-4 months! First things first, 3 months ago we helped Ric’s Grandfather move back to Vegas. Which was completely bittersweet. It was pretty hard convincing him to stay in AZ but, nonetheless we did our best while he was out in AZ living with us. We call him weekly or every-other-week to check up on him.

Simultaneously, as we had moved Grandpa back, we were possibly tossing the idea around of moving. I say possibly because we weren’t even sure ourselves if we wanted to move or completely remodel/renovate the house. We decided to just check and see if we could qualify for another home loan, we hit-up our amazing loan officer (Craig) at Summit Lending. And, we were approved! Regardless, of being approved, we still weren’t 100% sure when this “potential move” occur. So, we did our “online search” for new homes and began packing our items, gathered items to donate/sell, etc. We figured packing our items would make it easier to renovate (pull flooring, repaint, etc.) Which totally did! My Step-Dad and Mom went into full “Fixer Upper” mode and went on painting our home and got it ready for renovations (or possibly move). Thanks, Tito Ramil & Mom!

Half-way through renovations, we decided to take a look at some houses that we saw online. Just to “see”.  We teamed up with an awesome realtor (whom we highly recommend– Hi, Katie!) and low and behold we found a home and absolutely adored it! We put an offer on the home and it got accepted!

Of course with purchasing this new home we had to sell our current home, so we started looking into various methods of selling our home, whether that was through a quick sale or a traditional method.

When inspection rolled around on the new home that we had put an offer on, we received not so great news on both ends (from selling our current home and purchasing our new home). So, we pulled out of the offer and canceled the sale of our home, thus bringing us back to square one.


Now, if you haven’t been through a home buying or selling process, at times it can most definitely be STRESSFUL. It can also be draining, exciting and to sum it up it’s basically every emotion you can think of! Have you seen “Inside Out?” if you haven’t, go watch it. It’s basically all those emotions in one sitting. LOL! I swear it is a fun process though!

Credit: Amy Schumer via Google

—> Low key, this is what I did 95% of the time, stressing, crying and drinking wine! LOL <—

A lot of finances went into purchasing, selling, renovating, moving Grandpa back to Vegas, catching up on all the bills — that we honestly were tight on funds. It was a trying moment, to say the least. And, of course when it rains it completely pours. I also found myself jobless. (What else could go wrong? right?!)

And, for those who knew the gist of my life at that moment and called, sent food, and just helped in every way possible. Thank you, your phone calls, messages, and prayers were everything and more! You all know who you are ❤

Now, I firmly believe that God doesn’t put you through something you can’t handle. During these trying moments, I consistently leaned on my faith, my Family and spent a lot of my time worshiping in church. Something I recently started doing, again! — You can read more about it– HERE! For sure, God knew what he was doing because not even a few days after the fiasco he sent us a blessing.


If you didn’t already know (which I am sure you did) — Ric was promoted to manager! (Again, Huge thank you to the Lizarraga Family, AZP57, the DTC AVP’s, VP’s and everyone who has taught Ric, and supported Ric on his journey. Thank you to our Families for all the love and support since day 1). And, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Amongst the storm, God sent us a rainbow! Ric and I said that God had a different plan than what we had envisioned.

Ric getting promoted fixed a part of our problems, but, that didn’t solve our “are we moving? or staying?” dilemma. We decided to just finish renovating the home, and let God take care of everything else.

After an abundance of obstacles, and learning about various processes of selling our home, we jumped in head first and within a few weeks, our house was…


It was most definitely a bittersweet moment, we obviously turned our first house into a home! Made a lot of great memories there. But, we had grown out of the space. With selling our home, brings us on a new journey…


Excited is an understatement, our newest adventure is yet to unfold are you ready to join us? Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our blog as I blog about our moving, search for a home, and much more! We have a few surprises along the way! So stay tuned! You don’t want to miss out!






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