Packing-Up & Saying Goodbye!

Happy Monday, GP5! First and foremost, I do have to say your comments, messages, and texts about my last post crack me up! I swear we have the best readers EVER! ❤ and, sorry if you felt fooled by my title ;]

If you have followed us since Day 1 (thank you), if you’re just joining the #GP5 Fam, Welcome! As most of you know, we just announced something special last week Monday! If you have no clue what I am talking about, please read this blog post — HERE! I can’t believe we are leaving this home. It’s bittersweet! If you can recall I blogged about our whole experience moving into this home from searching for the perfect home and our fun (and not so fun) renovations/remodels — read about it HERE!

As we finish packing up our home, I am reminded of so many memories that occurred here! From birthday parties, first medals, new friends, etc! This home will hold a special place in our hearts! While I finished packing up the house, I took a break and sat down in the same exact spot that I sat in when I first moved into the home. I began to text Ric just all the emotions I was feeling. And, figured I wanted to share it, with all of you…

4 years ago, I sat in this exact spot when we first got our keys to this house. I was in awe and couldn’t believe that we FINALLY became homeowners for the first time. I sit here filled with so much bittersweet emotion. I had SO many plans for this house, to fill it with new photos every year, create new memories and remodel it per my Pinterest board visions. As time went on, I realized although we absolutely adored this home, we were quickly outgrowing it. We knew it was time to find a new house to call our home.

As excited as I am to leave and start anew. I know whoever ends up living here will feel the love, laughter and sometimes tears that once filled the walls of this home. The new homeowners will make new memories and love and care for the home as much as we did.

As we start our new journey in finding a house to call our home, we know that whatever home we find we will fill it with love, new memories and epic BBQ’s! LOL — It’s beyond bittersweet to pack up, and leave. But, we are excited about this new journey.


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