Hello, GP5!

First and foremost, thanks for reading our blog! It truly means the world to us! Thank you for all your messages regarding our moving adventure! And, although we haven’t shed much light on the situation, we can finally address that …


EEK! We have wanted to share this news for a while and didn’t want to say anything until everything was finalized! I’m sure those who have purchased homes understand where we are coming from. I am so superstitious (it’s ridiculous), I didn’t want to jynx the sale of the home! (HAHA!) We have been on a house hunt for a while now, and well, its safe to finally say, we have a house!

Now, the most popular question of all… “Where did you buy a house?” this has been my favorite question to receive! From text messages, IG DM’s, Facebook messages, and much more! There has been much speculation about where we will buy a home, locations vary from Las Vegas to New York! And, we are happy to announce that we have purchase…….

YES, we stayed in the valley! To clarify, we moved Ric’s Grandfather back to Vegas. Hence, last weeks blog title!! ;] And, although we thought of moving away from the West Valley, we found the PERFECT home for our little tribe! For now, we will leave you with this photo. And, stay tuned for the next blog posts on renovations, remodeling, and all that other fun stuff! ;]

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