About #GP5

Hello and Welcome to #GuerreroPartyof5!

My name is Pinky Guerrero and I am the founder of #GuerreroPartyof5, what once started out as a passion project became something more! My Husband and I don’t have the most beautiful story, but, it’s a powerful one! One that has inspired many in our community!

A journey that was filled with many obstacles, and many lessons- an unexpected pregnancy, homelessness, and having to learn to rely on our faith and the help of others in our community. We took those obstacles, learned from it and vowed that once we were able to get on our own two feet that we would share our story in hopes of inspiring, motivating and empowering others who are in similar positions.

My Husband and I partner with a lot of different non-profits, and organizations  around the valley. Our goal in these partnerships is to help bring in volunteers, funding, donations, and light to their causes. We also collaborate with businesses and brands to help with donations and help create a partnership between non-profit and brand/business.

You’re probably wondering, “Well, that’s great and all…but, what’s in it for you?” and, truth be told being we LOVE that we are able to help create these amazing relationships and help others in our community!

We are EXCITED that you are here on our website and hope that you can join our #GP5 Fam!

With light,

Pinky Guerrero

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