Why, We Decided To Homeschool

Happy 2018 our Dear Readers! I know we have been MIA these past few months, as we revamped and changed our brand. We are still ironing out the kinks! So, please be patient.

This past year has been a complete whirlwind and as I had mentioned in a previous blog post — this ONE to be exact. Skyler was struggling in his studies. We completely burned him out at his former school. He would be at school from 7am to 4:30pm. He had to attend tutoring after school and would come home drained. We would spend hours on homework and he would be beyond frustrated.

After several, attempts of after-school tutoring,  We reached out to some nearby tutoring services. Seven days out of the week my 3rd grader was just studying constantly. I could see the little light left in Skyler’s eye slowly disappear, he hated studying, he hated learning, and He started to dread school.

I met with his third-grade team and during this meeting, I felt defeated as a Parent. I listened to all the Teachers speak on how Skyler was slowly improving. But, it was barely passing. He was making strides but, it wasn’t fast enough for an accelerated school. I didn’t blame the school, nor the staff. They did everything they could, I didn’t blame Skyler cause he did everything he could on his end. And, it certainly wasn’t my fault because I reached out to every resource I had. This simply was nobody’s fault. But, I couldn’t help but cry as I felt like I had failed.

We realized together, that Skyler had a better learning environment one-on-one. Although, Skyler had no learning disabilities and worked great with his class. The courses were moving too fast for him. I decided that homeschool would be the best option for my 8-year-old.

Now, homeschool for me sounded terrifying! I worked 2-3 days at the hospital during the week, I had to hold back my hours so that I could focus on Skyler’s education. I withdrew Skyler from school the week before Thanksgiving break. I went to our county and submitted my affidavit with an intent to homeschool.

I’m grateful I have friends who homeschool their kids, and they were A LOT of help! They shared their favorite learning resources as well as curriculums they loved! I was able to meet and engage with other fellow homeschooling Mom’s in my area and they were a lot of help as well. There was a lot of trial and error and we were able to find a great curriculum for Skyler that we absolutely loved and worked best for us! I’ll share the curriculum we used in a future post.

He has been improving and loving school again! Our goal is to bring him back into the school system for his 4th grade. That’s if he is ready. We are in no rush. Spencer, stayed at his school as it is a prime fit for him. Since winter break is officially over we spent the day reviewing and doing math and language arts as well as reading. We will be tackling Science and Social Studies later this afternoon.

How were your Holidays and New Year? Let me know!




How Skyler Got Burned Out

Guys, Friday could not come fast enough. The Guerrero household is feeling “fried” — burned out. Burned to an absolute crisp! We’ve had such a busy week, and the breaks never help!

Here is a little background for you, nothing is worse than when your child doesn’t understand the concept of something they’re learning. They spend ENDLESS hours being at school-learning. Then they come home and do homework and they STILL don’t get it. My heart hurts for them. It’s because I can only do so much as a parent. I don’t know what they’re learning or don’t know how to teach them. Or I may teach them differently than what they’re used too. I see my bright-eyed boy who loves to go to school, come home and dread doing the work. I can only imagine once sports pick up how drained & frustrated he is going to be.

Luckily, I’m reaching out to every avenue I have tutoring services, extra help in homework, or even extra time with the teacher. Fingers crossed that it helps!

Now, we all kind of might be familiar with my backstory. Pregnant at an early age out of wedlock. Yeah, that speech! A lot of people will say I did life ” backward” meaning I had the baby first than got married, did college, etc. And, it took a long time for me to be “ok” with what society thought of my situation. I used to beat myself up daily for it! Now, as I get older it really doesn’t matter what order I did live, as long as I handled it. My life is and always will be a work in progress. I’m always finding ways to better myself and do more for my family and for our future. I graduated college, have a career, a home, and a healthy family. I achieved all that even when I did life ” backward”.

Now, I’m not saying go out there and get pregnant early, etc. No, I’m just saying handle your situation and work with what you’ve got. Ignore the comments and haters, let that be motivation for you to get to the top.




How Katelynn Began Homeschooling For PreSchool

We’ve got ourself a lefty!

The boys have officially entered their second week of school! I officially have a 3rd grader who will be 8 on Sunday & a first grader who will be 7 this November!

Kate is 3 and will be 4 this December-guys, where have my babies gone!? I’m loving these ages but, I do miss having a little baby nugget around!

If you’ve followed me since the beginning you know that I had put Skyler in pre-school at 3 years old. At 4 we continued pre-school at home & at 5 he was off to public school! Spencer stayed home at 3-4 years old and we homeschooled until he was off to public school at 5!

Kate will be homeschooled for pre-school and we will be doing a lot of play dates/co-op preschool play dates. I discovered that Kate is a lefty just like me! (Woo-hoo!) I always found it hard when I was teaching the boys to hold a pencil when they were 3 how to properly hold it with their right hand. So thankful the Hubby and Brother stepped in to help, cause quite frankly, I don’t know how to hold a pencil in my right hand. Feels strange and incorrect when I do! So when I noticed Kate’s left hand was more dominant I was ecstatic!

We busted out the letter flashcards, number flash cards, and our preschool workbook! Kate can recite her alphabet, count 1-20, she knows her colors and a good majority of her shapes!

My goal this time around is to work on letter recognition and sound recognition. I’ll let you guys know how that goes! (Haha)

Check out this cute little video of Kate tracing today =]

What’re your favorite study habits?

Lots of love,