Lets Collab!

Ric and Pinky are heavily involved in their community, from hosting their own events/drives in help benefit other non-profits, individuals/Families in need to raising funds for organizations, or individuals/families going through a rough time. It was through their own personal journey that they realized the importance of working together they are able to achieve more for the common good.

Here at #GuerreroPartyof5 we truly believe in the idiom, “It takes a village!” If we all work together we are going to be able to achieve great things and achieve many goals! That’s why we firmly believe in partnership and collaboration.

We LOVE partnering with other non-profits and being able to help them in their efforts to better our community. Whether that’s needing more volunteers, helping with donations, needing more supplies, or simply just wanting to share an event or function!

We also LOVE helping volunteers whether that’s finding the right service project, a place to drop off donations, etc. Our goal is to be able to help both new volunteers, and seasoned volunteers to get involved in their community and stay involved whether that’s helping them in starting an outreach, drives, events, to help other non-profits as well!

Together let’s make a world of a difference.

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