Meet Pinky

My name is Pinky. I’m a former Pageant Queen turned semi-crunchy, homeschooling, Hockey/Soccer Mom, and Wife. On the flip side, I’m also a Registered Medical Assistant at a Hospital & also work as a marketing manager for! We will just say, I’m a Jill of all trades. I can never stick to just one thing!

I LOVE writing, reading, crafting & Pinterest! Food is life & I am always down to eat. I’m a notorious Target impulse shopper (so never send me to Target because 95% of the time I will leave without that item, even if I write it down!)

I wholeheartedly embrace the “Hot Mess” Mom Life. With that being said, I’m either way early or shy of a few minutes late. No in-between. I wear leggings like they’re going out of style and You’ll most likely see me with a top knot or messy bun of sorts. I applaud Moms who can leave their house looking like they stepped out of a Vogue magazine! Some days, I can actually do that and more times than I can count, I truly can’t. #Nobodysgottimeforthat

Anyways, enough about the fun facts — I’m here to share MY side of our story — one filled with young (Immature) love, an unexpected pregnancy, overcoming obstacles, finding surprising solutions & everything in-between from the good to the straight-up ugly! We’ve been told our story is better than “The Notebook” but, I’ll leave that up to you. ;]




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