Meet Pinky

Hi, there! I’m Pinky and welcome to my about me! For the longest time I was ashamed of my story, and truly embarrassed of my journey. I felt like I wasn’t where I was “supposed” to be, and that I “missed-out” on all the idealistic things women my age normally do. It wasn’t until I had my first born when my purpose finally made sense.

It took me a few years but, I realized that my story and journey was one that could potentially inspire many, and it wasn’t until I shared my story with a young woman who was in a similar situation, that I realized the impact my story had. Since 20011, I have had the honor to share my story both at national and international platforms and have spoken at many events, and have proudly volunteered over 1,700+ hours of community service, and worked with numerous non-profits, and collaborated with hundreds of brands/businesses. I realized I LOVE giving-back, and had a knack for whatever this was. Slowly, but surely, #GuerreroPartyof5 was forming!

Creating this non-profit has been a goal of my Husband and I for many years, and we feel that there is no time like now to share our mission and bring it to fruitition!

You can learn more about me and what I do at my personal page!

– Pinky Guerrero





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