Meet Pinky

My name is Pinky. I’m a former Pageant Queen turned semi-crunchy, homeschooling, Hockey/Soccer Mom, and Wife.  We will just say, I’m a Jill of all trades. I can never stick to just one thing!

I LOVE writing, reading, crafting & Pinterest! Food is life & I am always down to eat. I’m a notorious Target impulse shopper (so never send me to Target because 95% of the time I will leave without that item, even if I write it down!)

I wholeheartedly embrace the “Hot Mess” Mom Life. With that being said, I’m either way early or shy of a few minutes late. No in-between. I wear leggings like they’re going out of style and You’ll most likely see me with a top knot or messy bun of sorts. I applaud Moms who can leave their house looking like they stepped out of a Vogue magazine! Some days, I can actually do that and more times than I can count, I truly can’t. #Nobodysgottimeforthat

Anyways, enough about the fun facts — I’m here to share my journey, my story! From my point of views in starting parenthood at a young age to Balancing Marriage, Work, Home, and Social Life. To the epic fails of Pinterest (and successes), to the recipes (and epic failures), my favorite looks or OOTD (is that the right lingo?) to everyday stories worht sharing! I’ll share it all here on the blog! Welcome!






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