Meet Ric

Describing myself is a difficult task. There’s so much to say yet no words to describe. I don’t have a huge resume or long list of accomplishments to brag on. So I’ll tell you a little about where I’m from and let you connect the dots and use your imagination.

I was your average kid growing up but at the same time I was far from it. Grew up in a small suburb in the north side of Chicago. From the outside, our family appeared as a normal suburban family. Or at least fairly normal. I wasn’t the most popular, the smartest or anything along those lines. However, I made it with minimal setbacks.

I come from a broken family, held together by a string since I could remember. The day I graduated high school all hell broke loose and that’s when I could say my life really took a turn. The one day in history my whole family was together was my graduation day. This is mainly because none of my family thought I would make it through high school, so they had to witness it themselves. And of course, this is the day that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Although that’s when my life finally started to make sense, I can’t say I regret it. There were things I had said and did in response to my crazy family which led me to growing up real fast. Living on my own, struggling to make ends meet and trying to stretch every penny a mile long. Somehow by the grace of God I survived and made it through the toughest years of my life.

I had passions and dreams I wanted to pursue, however my completely dysfunctional family got in the way of that. I had to learn really quick how to prioritize my life. As a result, I found a purpose greater than I had imagined. Since then, I learned what family really means to me.

I can’t say I survived all on my own, I owe it to my Wife. During that time I was all over the place mentally and emotionally. Her support is what kept my head above water. I’ve been blessed in many ways. Through this blog we are going to tell our story: where we came from and what we have to endure.