Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!

Hello, dedicated readers! We have been busy, busy, busy! We are enjoying our time with our sweet baby girl and rambunctious boys! Our Christmas was our first with Katelynn. And, we spent it together as a family. It was also Ric and I’s fifth wedding anniversary! Nonetheless, we are blessed to have a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our backs. Most importantly a healthy family. That’s more than I could ever ask for!! Wishing you all a belated Happy Holiday and here is to a prosperous New Year!!



The Ultimate Challenge

This morning was a rush I didn’t necessarily want to wake up too. Explosive diarrhea from my three year old, a garbage bag ransacked thanks to my dog, a hungry 16 day old, and a four year old who didn’t want to obey. Yes, I got a taste of the attitudes this morning. After dealing with each child, I finally sat down to eat breakfast. The things I had gone through this morning was simply a challenge that’s come time and time again. I know I had to pray prior, cause it would also test my patience. Thankfully, after several breaths, long prayer I conquered my challenges.


Today, was also Katelynn’s photo shoot! Thanks to her godparents who thoughtfully purchased us an amazing newborn photography session with Huong Forrest Photography. She is a Reno based photographer, you can view her talents here. She truly has an amazing gift, I can’t wait to see the sneak peeks and finished products!!

Here is a teaser ;]

Although, today started off rocky- I’m thankful for all the obstacles I had. =]

And, Then There Were Three

Ah, yes, just when I had the pair of twos down to the ‘T.’ Katelynn, joined the group and I now have to do everything in threes. Meaning three baths, three mouths to feed, three bathroom breaks, three outfit changes, etc. My boys are independent and usually don’t needmy physical help, just vocal guidance at times. And, since Katelynn is still a baby her needs aren’t as demanding. I LOVE my three musketeers! I’ve already envisioned Halloween costumes, outfits for pictures or parties. I’m so blessed, grateful that God answered my prayers. =]


My cousin Johanna recently had a baby as well on November 14th, she and I are very close and were born four days apart. Our kids her son Anthony and my Daughter Katelynn are 17 days apart!! We thought that was pretty cool!! Here is a picture of my cousin and I on the bottom, and our kids on top!

[top photo (right to left): Katelynn & Anthony, bottom photo (right to left): Me and Johanna]

This year for Christmas we were quite behind, so literally only the kids get gifts this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get everything done prior giving birth. So, my large family, will most likely receive hugs, kisses, lots of love for Christmas. Seriously. I thought about joining in on the last minute rush to gather as much as I can, but, with two toddlers and a newborn tackling several stores in different locations doesn’t seem appealing. So, arts and crafts it is!!
Wishing you all joy and health!

Happy Birthday Daddy

I wasn’t kidding when I said, “November is a busy month for us.” We have a birthday practically every other day, or almost every weekend. A recap of our Friday- Ric turned 25, we celebrated by going to Melting Pot for the first time with friends, and ended the night with pizza and playing Monopoly! Yes, it was fun! =]


Today, on November 23, is my Dad’s birthday. For those who don’t know, my Dad passed away on May 4,2008 from Prostate Cancer. It was one of the hardest times in my life. Although, he is gone, his legacy lives through his children, grandchildren and of course my Mom! Even it being 5 years, it still doesn’t seem “real”. I am happy and at peace that he is no longer struggling, or in pain. Although, it is bittersweet to not see him, touch him, hear him, etc. Today, would’ve been his 74th birthday! He would’ve LOVED chasing around Skyler-Ian and Spencer!! Regardless, my kids are growing-up knowing him. Today, Ric and I along with the kids (like every year), go to the cemetery bring balloons, eat his favorite food, get a cake – and celebrate his life. This song reminded me of him…





I know you may not be here Dad, and there is not a day that passes that I wish you were still with us. Thank you for always watching over us, protecting us, and being there even if we don’t physically see you. I miss you more than words could ever describe, and I can’t wait to reunite with you someday. Love you always!!



36 weeks/ 25th birthday blog

I turned 25 this year on 11-11 =) very blessed, grateful for everything and everyone who has been a positive influence in my life. This year bad been the most rewarding, challenging ever! But, luckily with Christ on my side, my family and great friends I’ve been able to stay grounded. But, before we get into the birthday festivities, let’s do a recap of the weekend.

I officially, am 36 weeks!! Not much to it really, just anxious! Anywho- on the 9th, my Husband and I along with our kids joined Discount Tire Company in the “Light the night: leukemia and lymphoma society walk.” DTC, raised over $16,000!! =) On the 10th, StoopidLow along with Team AfterMath hosted a canned food drive. We collected cans for military families in need. After the event, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at our friends house and once we got home my Husband thoughtfully got me a cupcake complete with a lit candle! =)

On my birthday, we spent lunch with my family and for dinner went to Texas Roadhouse with my StoopidLow family! It was delicious and so much fun! As, soon as that was done, went home got the kids ready for bed and off to bed I went. Haha!!



Here is team AfterMath and StoopidLow at our event!


Here is my early birthday cupcake from my Husband =)


One of my friends thoughtfully got me a non-alcoholic beverage for my birthday! It was delicious!! =)

DIY: Crib Bumper Crafting

So, I decided to sew my own bumper as I couldn’t find “THE ONE” that I was looking for! So, I set-out to Joanne’s fabrics and searched for the color theme that I was going for. Voila, now the hard part was figuring out how to make the bumper. I had my measurements down, and since I was using several different colors …. Six to be exact I had to mix and match. Mind you I’m hand sewing this, cause I’ve never used a sewing machine and have always learned to hand sew. It’s a long tedious task. But, here are some pics of the before, and where I am now!

Here are the boys and I waiting to get our fabric cut! Thank god, for coupons!


Here is my fabric, and here is my color inspiration. Ignore the bad lighting.



I was going off my old bumper, and here is my first side done!!

More to come!


The Ultimate Showdown Wife vs Mother

I recently came across my friends blog regarding

Marriage vs Baby

. You an check-out her blog here! =] upon reading it, I was definitely blown away. She hit every little fine detail of what I’ve been feeling! It was comforting to know, that I wasn’t the only one trying to master the task of motherhood and marriage! My Husband and I have known each other since we were young kids in kindergarten. We grew-up together, attended the same schools & sometimes shared the same classes. In our sixth grade year (2000), my family and I had moved to Arizona. I personally had lost contact with friends and only kept in contact with a few thru aol instant messenger (member AIM? From back in the day?! Talk about throw back). Ric and I talked, chatted here and there but, would always lose contact. He and his family ended up moving to Las Vegas, Nevada during his high school year. In 2006, my family and I went on vacation to Las Vegas and I had given Ric a call to see if we could reunite after 5 years!! Long story short, we were reunited & the rest went down in history for what I believe is one of the greatest, heart wrenching, love stories EVER! Better than the Notebook ;] but, that’ll probably be another blog, on another day.
Ric and I have been best friends for many years, and as soon as motherhood became a factor and responsibilities changed from being, focusing on just

us two

, we were now not only living for ourselves but, for two (soon to be three) important little individuals that go above us. Who are more important then who we are, and our wants and needs. I’ve recently realized online college, motherhood, pregnancy, wife duties were more time consuming then what I had imagined. Even after graduating college, and simply tackling motherhood, pregnancy and wife duties is still hard to manage. Or balance. Ric, working full-time from 6am-6pm Monday thru Saturday also takes a toll on him. By the end of the day, we are both beat. We simply forgot how it was to be just

us two

, well, I certainly have at least. I spend all day/night with two toddlers, that sometimes, unfortunately I find myself treating my Husband like a toddler (sorry, Ric)! With my pregnancy, household duties, and being a Mom, I forget that my Husband also has needs, wants and of course my attention and time as well. Now and then, we have date nights, or couples night, to spend time with each other. That we find ourselves talking about our kids (95%) of the time. Oh, parenthood. ;] Luckily, thankfully, Ric has been understanding & trying to help as much as he can, when he can. Bless his heart. Thankfully, Ric and I talk about everything, and like to work things out. We focus on our children, our foundation of love and Christ. And, we love one another unconditionally. Marriage is work and joy all on its own, and along with parenthood these are the things I’m constantly learning about. Learning to balance being a wife and mother equally is always a challenge as Motherhood has become second nature. But, I know I have a great other half who is patient, and willing to work with me. So for now, our juggle of date nights, doing chores together or simply talking about our kids can definitely bring the hearts closer.


The Ultimate Sedona Trip

My blog has been everywhere today! I’m rambling on and trying to update that when I reread it, there is no flow to my writing! My apologies! I’m pooped =p

After Skyler’s 4th birthday last night we headed to Sedona, AZ for a “stay cation” away from the heat of Phoenix! It was BEAUTIFUL! We enjoyed today’s day trip with great company! We BBQ, swam in the river, went fishing and people watched! Haha! The weather and scenery was my FAVORITE! Overall, being able to spend time with friends is always fun! =]

The kids got to see a caterpillar for the first time.. But, spencer killed it cause he thought it was a worm (-_-). They also saw fish in the river! They got to run around barefoot playing in the dirt and river! Although, the germ-a-phobe in me secretly cringed. Hahah. It was great, definitely enjoyed the rain & cool breeze!

One thing I should’ve remembered was to wear some sort of running or sport shoes. Cause being pregnant and flip flops in some what rough terrain was pretty nerve wracking! But, I stayed safe. No worries!




How My Car Got Robbed

I’d be lying if I said that not every day is a struggle. I have always believed in the saying

with every bad comes a good

and vice versa. Now, that can be looked at in many different perspectives. I try to look at it as every good will have something bad because you have to work hard and overcome struggles in order to accomplish anything. So where I last left off, Sky started kinder and things have been a smooth sail. But, of course

with every good comes a bad

. Several cars (mine being one of them) were ransacked & burglarized in my neighborhood. = luckily & thankfully, my car mainly consists of toys, diapers, wipes, a stroller, two car seats, trash & barely any spare change. Although, I did
leave my old couch purse and wallet that were emptied out cause I switched bags… That was taken. Nonetheless, my car is in one piece. Lucky. The only thing that bothered me was knowing that someone could do that while my family and I were sleeping in the comfort & safety of our home. And, then came the unexpected withdrawal from kinder. Mind you, my son is only three he was way too young to be in kinder. But, it was a nice trial run. So, after all the madness, amidst all the chaos, Spencer got sick with a viral infection known as, herpangina. Which are tiny sores or lesions on the back of the throat? It is caused by the coxsackievirus. (how’s that for a quick micro bio lesson?!). Anyways, no antibiotics, strictly pain medication & some magic mouthwash. We are on day 5 of


.. Restless, crabby, not eating, not drinking, completely in pain. I hate it. I feel so bad!! But, with prayers, he will be healed!!

So, we have had a few bad days lately, and with Skyler’s 4th birthday just 3 days away – we are hopeful that the best is yet to come. We remember that God has a reason and timing for everything. =]

Staying positive. Here is also an update on the growing baby bump =]