True Story: Epic Melt Down (Mom Edition)

Multiple people today mentioned how busy my wife and I have become; they commented how they’re amazed that we are somehow sane. I gotta admit, I’m blessed Pinky keeps us on track with our crazy schedules. Without her I’d be lost and our family would be in one hell of a mess. She helps me care for my 90yr old grandfather, homeschools my son, gets my other son from school, does all homework with them, does workbooks with my daughter, manages our home, does all hockey and figure skating classes/practices/jamborees/games, finds time to volunteer, works full time from home and MORE! She makes my 49.5 hr work weeks look like child’s play haha “How do you do it?” They ask. My answer: i couldn’t do it without her.


Happy Thursday, Friends! If you're new to Guerrero Party of 5 -- Welcome to the #GP5 Fam! I recently just finished "The Living Library" event at Phoenix College and let me just tell you, I am changed. I know, so cliché. But, in all honesty, I cried way more than I thought I would. To be … Continue reading Story Time: I Cried Way More Than I Thought I Would

Story Time: I Cried Way More Than I Thought I Would

Hello, GP5 Family! I hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday! In all the hustle and bustle of yesterday's adventures, I forgot to mention an event that I am participating in, and it's held in Phoenix, AZ.  And, I would LOVE to invite all of my GP5 Family and Friends to come take part! I know, I … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why You Should Come To The “Living Library” Event

4 Reasons Why You Should Come To The “Living Library” Event

Happy Tuesday, GP5 Fam! I have a vlog going up soon! I just have to edit it.  =p On today's blog, I wanted to chat about an awesome company known as "TeaMi".  For those who followed me for years know that I've been a TeaMi Tea Ambassador since the former blog. As a curtsy, I just … Continue reading How I Stay Focused​ By Drinking Tea

How I Stay Focused​ By Drinking Tea

How SIR Learned to Work Hard

Hello, GP5 fam! (get it? GuerreroPartyof5 aka GP5) 😜 How crazy is it that January is quickly ending and February is literally right around the corner! Whaat?! And, since Winter is almost over, We said goodbye to the 60's and welcomed back the high 80's here in AZ. 😂 I know, I know I can … Continue reading How SIR Learned to Work Hard

What I Learned In 2018

Hello, readers! Now I know you're probably beyond confused with my title. Cause you're probably thinking, "2018, just started, and it isn't over how could you have possibly already learned something?" Well, my valued readers, shocking as it may seem, I have already learned SO much within the first 10 days of the New Year. … Continue reading What I Learned In 2018

Why, We Decided To Homeschool

Happy 2018 our Dear Readers! I know we have been MIA these past few months, as we revamped and changed our brand. We are still ironing out the kinks! So, please be patient. This past year has been a complete whirlwind and as I had mentioned in a previous blog post -- this ONE to … Continue reading Why, We Decided To Homeschool

How My November Started

Hello! You're probably thinking I must've quit life & stayed in Hawaii! Although, I wish I could. I really can't do that. Cause you know, life. LOL! It's officially November! Where is time going?! October started out slow and it sped up fairly quickly. Here are a few quick updates: Skyler and Spencer switched schools … Continue reading How My November Started

Soccer Vs. Hockey The Ultimate Show Down

Hello! Happy Sunday - I’m a day or two off and next weeks schedule will be video filled! So keep an eye out for that! We are getting over colds in our household and a huge deep clean of the house! It’s game day in our household and here are the stats! Spencer’s 5U soccer … Continue reading Soccer Vs. Hockey The Ultimate Show Down

How My Boys Learned To Protect Themselves From An Active Shooter

He stood on top of the toilet & said, “this is what we were told to do when an intruder comes”...