How My 8 Year Old Made Me Cry

Happy Monday, #GP5Fam! It’s been a crazy start to our week here in the Grr-arrow household! I mean when is it not ever crazy in my household, psh! Who am I kidding! I live with crazies! Haha! (facepalm)

Anyways, with hockey & figure skating in full swing. I barely can keep up with the household chores and sleep– speaking of sleep, I miss doing that. And, it’s usually when everyone is asleep, is when I can bust out the phone (or laptop) and get my thoughts on paper.

So, as a warning. We are gonna get sappy in today’s post. So grab your favorite blanket, get cozy on the couch, and grab some tissues & let’s get heartfelt! On today’s post, ”How My 8 Year Old Made Me Cry.”

Today guys, I was a parenting failure! You’re probably thinking I’m being over the top dramatic. And, I wish I was. My TDL was beyond overwhelming. I had emails to tend too, tasks to complete, calls to make and let’s not even get to my list of household chores that desperately needed to get done. I got up early to do some laundry, only to realize the clothes that were previously in the dryer were still wet. So the kids helped me get the wet clothes separated from the dry clothes and placed back in the drier to get dry.

After that, I started getting the sheets off my bed and started piling clothes for the next load of laundry. Mind you I still have a load in the wash, a load in the dryer. 3 piles outside my bedroom door that STILL needs to be done. Sigh. It just seems neverending. I was also on a time crunch as I still had to get Skyler’s homeschool assignments together. And, log on to work!

Time was not on my side today, even though I woke-up decently early. As loads of laundry were going, I scrambled to make sure everyone was fed- from the dogs, turtle and of course the kids!

Once that was ”somewhat” situated I launched my laptop and started on my emails. Simultaneously, I was working on some schooling issues for the upcoming school year which resulted needing to be done via a phone call. Of course, in perfect timing. Katelynn decided to have her full-blown tantrum, complete with ”exorcist” back arches and laying on the floor. All because I told her she couldn’t have fruit snacks for breakfast. Oh, and I stood my ground while I tended to my important phone call. Honestly, I should’ve just given her the damn fruit snack so I could get through my phone conference.

But, alas, In her best, high shrill, Katelynn sang the song of her people — loud enough for the poor lady I was talking to on the phone to hear. And, she politely said, ”Shes got some lungs on her”. Oh, If she only knew how I tried to muffle the sound on the phone so she couldn’t hear and failed epically to balance the phone off my shoulder & pick up a flailing 4-year-old off the floor. All while struggling to also hold a pen & notebook.

After picking Kate up, she was still whining and whimpering, as she still begged for the fruit snack. I continued to stand my ground and put Kate on the couch and walked away into another room so I can somewhat pay attention to what this lady was saying to me. I think I repeated every other sentence back to the lady, to confirm we were on the same page & in all honesty, just cause nothing was clicking.

I walked back out into the living room and put the phone on mute while the lady kept talking. I quickly tried to multitask and tend to Kate. Which resulted in a bigger meltdown cause she wanted to be held — which I, unfortunately, couldn’t do as I needed both hands as I was taking notes during the phone call.

After I no longer could take the whining, I turned on the TV and Thank heavens for Nick Jr, cause whatever show was on calmed Kate. And, after realizing fruit snacks were out of the question Kate drank her milk & ate cereal. (THANK GOD!)

Mind you through this whole Katelynn ordeal, Skyler was (as always) playing hockey in the living room. So I felt like I was playing dodgeball in the house trying to weave through and not get hit. Telling him to stop seemed impossible, also I don’t think he understood my ”miming” since I was on the phone.

Thankfully, I was able to go through my phone call, multitask on the laptop & go through emails. Still, laundry wasn’t done & homeschool didn’t start. My conference and emails took up a chunk of my time.

Once I was finally off the phone the kids reminded me that we needed to get cupcakes and cookies (something I had promised them last week). I packed all my electronics and earpiece and decided that my work would have to be mobile today.

When we got to the bakery we picked out our cupcakes, cookies and headed back to the car. As I loaded the kids into the car I dropped the box which resulted in all the frosting and cupcakes to turn upside down. Fabulous. I scrambled to save what decency the cupcakes had left and headed home.

I tried my best to hold myself together and figured, “What else could go wrong today?”  when we got home, my Husband was there to greet us. I was ready to cry and go in full-Mom-meltdown. And, then Skyler said something completely surprising.

He began to tell Ric about our day, and, I was just waiting for all the epic Mom fails, I had. But, he literally didn’t mention how stressed or frustrated I was. All he took out of the day was– regardless of how busy I was I took time to make Kate food, and turn on the TV for them, and that I drove them to get cupcakes and cookies. Skyle, looked at all the positives I did today, all my multitasking and was happy they got cupcakes and cookies regardless if it was half smashed.

I teared-up and Ric just looked at me like I was insane. I later went on to explain the day from my point of view. How crazy, chaotic it felt.

My kiddo for sure just served me a slice of reality and a good one at that. Perspective.





Why, I’ve Been Slacking

Hello, from a slacker 😅

I know, I forgot to post on Monday! Realistically, I didn’t forget. I knew it was Monday but, my schedule has been filled with Kiddo engagements!

Therefore, the title of “Mednesday” a blog post about Monday & Wednesday combined. You’re welcome! 😜

If you’ve been following me on Facebook (HERE) or Instagram (HERE). Then you’re familiar with my new sports inclined schedule! The boys have officially taken on sport club teams which now engulf my whole ENTIRE agenda! (I’m not kidding). I’m a calendar fiend! I absolutely schedule everything down to a “T”. My iPhone calendar is color coded & shared accordingly, my agenda in my home office coincides with my iPhone calendar & therefore everything is scheduled properly!

Monday’s are club practice nights and also a school night. Now, during the day I work from home & am currently studying for school. I’m also a Mom to a mischievous 3-year-old, that speaks volume all on its own. During the day, I’m swamped with emails, phone calls, calendar changes, making appointments, tending to Kate, chores or cooking. Once the boys come home they have an early dinner/snack, do some homework or quick studying & off to the rink we go!!

This is going to be the new norm. I’m grateful for our Nanny because right now, my brain is functioning but, I’m everywhere!! My schedule is about to get crazier once Spencer starts practicing for soccer within this next week!

Saturday’s are about to be official “Game Days” in our household. Soccer games in the morning & straight to hockey in the afternoon! I’ve already got my “Mom team shirts” ready! And, I’m grateful for my extra hands that help me!

I say this A LOT & it’s because it’s true. It takes a village to raise kids! I’m grateful for my family & friends who help with carpooling, lunches/dinners, attending games or practices to cheer my kiddos on. Or simply entertain my other kids when I’m helping another! Now, I do a lot on my own obviously, and Ric comes when work permits. But, I never decline the extra help if offered.

It’s officially humping day, I’m already ready for Friday 😂 I just want to shut my phone off and just not be connected to anything. I’m going to make that a routine to just “unhook” from my phone once a week! I’m constantly on it for work & it’s just draining!

My kids are growing older, they’re finding their niches and I don’t want to miss any of that. I’ve been doing great at just living in the moment. It’s invigorating!

Anyways, Check-out these photos of Sky tonight when he and Ric did some conditioning off the ice! Whether it’s on ice or off this kid just wants to constantly play hockey! I ain’t mad! Haha!

I’m excited to see Spencer start playing & Skyler to grow stronger in his skill! I hope you guys are excited too! Enjoy your Wednesday or “Mednesday”!



How Katelynn Began Homeschooling For PreSchool

We’ve got ourself a lefty!

The boys have officially entered their second week of school! I officially have a 3rd grader who will be 8 on Sunday & a first grader who will be 7 this November!

Kate is 3 and will be 4 this December-guys, where have my babies gone!? I’m loving these ages but, I do miss having a little baby nugget around!

If you’ve followed me since the beginning you know that I had put Skyler in pre-school at 3 years old. At 4 we continued pre-school at home & at 5 he was off to public school! Spencer stayed home at 3-4 years old and we homeschooled until he was off to public school at 5!

Kate will be homeschooled for pre-school and we will be doing a lot of play dates/co-op preschool play dates. I discovered that Kate is a lefty just like me! (Woo-hoo!) I always found it hard when I was teaching the boys to hold a pencil when they were 3 how to properly hold it with their right hand. So thankful the Hubby and Brother stepped in to help, cause quite frankly, I don’t know how to hold a pencil in my right hand. Feels strange and incorrect when I do! So when I noticed Kate’s left hand was more dominant I was ecstatic!

We busted out the letter flashcards, number flash cards, and our preschool workbook! Kate can recite her alphabet, count 1-20, she knows her colors and a good majority of her shapes!

My goal this time around is to work on letter recognition and sound recognition. I’ll let you guys know how that goes! (Haha)

Check out this cute little video of Kate tracing today =]

What’re your favorite study habits?

Lots of love,


The Ultimate Guide To The First Week Of School (2017 Edition)

Hello Readers!

How are you guys? I hope you’re enjoying August (cause it came out of nowhere!) the boys officially went back to school this week! (YAY!)

I’m lying, kind of, well — they started school on Wednesday. Haha! And, they also have Monday off.. (shrugs). We are finally getting back into the swing of things. We got new uniforms this year and the kids love their teachers!

I’m glad that we are consistent with schools this year. That was my biggest worry that they’d have to start all over again. Currently, the boys have no complaints… yet. I’ve kept them on their sleep schedule throughout the whole summer (Yes, I’m that Mom). But, thankfully it worked out in my favor! They wake-up before their alarm, get ready for the morning, eat breakfast and put the door they go! Happy Mama!

Now, if I can only say the same about my sleep schedule! Phew! I’ve been everywhere, my sleep has been fluctuating– one day I’m super exhausted the next night I could stay up and run laps! It’s frustrating and funny. On the nights I can’t sleep I play solitaire or watch a documentary! I love documentaries, so sometimes that makes it worst cause I end up binge watching a bunch of documentaries.

They will officially have a full week of school in two weeks. Haha! But, as of now, it’s been a smooth sail! Have your kiddos started school?
Happy back to school month!



This was their FIRST school picture together. My heart!



Dear 20 year old Me,

Dear 20 year-Old Me,

Now, I know it’s been a crazy year – – 2008 wasn’t kind to you, but, lets face the facts you didn’t treat 2008 that great either. Let’s recap shall we? there was a death, a move, an unexpected whirlwind of a romance, new career path, an unexpected pregnancy, another unexpected move out-of-state, and a shot-gun wedding. I bet you would’ve never guessed being a Mom & Wife at 20. I don’t think anyone did. But, hey things happen in the oddest way and the best part is you took responsibility & made that your priority! The even better part is this new journey as a Wife & Mother. Don’t ever look at it as a bad thing. Because really, this was a blessing in disguise. And, this was meant to be! Wasn’t it?

I know it killed you leaving behind your Family the way you did, I know the anxiety you felt was over bearing. But, no one said it was going to be a walk in the park. Especially the way things happened. Just look at it as a learning experience, so you know how to better handle it. I know Motherhood isn’t always easy, and you try your best everyday. Just sometimes, it doesn’t quite pan out like you had hoped. But, the important thing in all this is that you keep trying, you keep pushing and that you are still trying to be positive. The keyword is trying. And, my dear 20-year-old self, trying is all you need to do. Even if it seems hopeless.

Pinky, Your kids are going to think the world of you! Even when you mess-up cooking dinner, or forget to pack a snack. They’re going to think you’re the best Mom in the whole world! Don’t beat yourself up too much when you feel like you can’t juggle 3 kids’ schedules and your sanity. It’s not meant to be easy. There’s days you’re going to feel like the worst parent ever, and that all you do is yell and nag. But, honestly, people think the world of how you raise your kids. Now, you don’t need everyones’ applause or opinions on how you should raise your kids, but, your sleepless nights, and early mornings and constant “nagging” is working. They’ll love you even if you look disheveled and running on two hours of sleep. And, trust me, they’ll never fail to remind you. Enjoy every minute of it, they won’t be little forever.

Just remember, it won’t always be rainbows and butterflies even though you wonder how any Mom/Wife does it and manages to still look completely put together. Don’t ever compare yourself to other Mom’s or Wives, cause truth be told they’re probably wondering how you’re doing it too! Everyone is fighting their own battles so don’t be quick to judge or compare just worry about making a better version of you!

Some important things to take note, stay focused on your studies! I know it’s hard to do so, being up all night with a Baby & than writing a paper the following morning. But, you know what, it has to be done! Your education is important & having a Baby is an even bigger motivation to continue pushing forward. What you’re doing is beneficial not only for you, but your Family as well! Just whatever you do, don’t sweat the small stuff, there are bigger things to worry about then Facebook comments & Twitter posts.

Budget & save, it isn’t fun being an adult nobody said it was going to be exciting, to have bills and paying off debt. Stay on top of it, pay it off & don’t just sign up for EVERY damn card that comes in the mailbox. You’re not a millionaire!

Keep pushing to be a better version of yourself than you were when you were younger. Be someone you know your children would be proud of. Most importantly, never give up on yourself & Don’t beat yourself up! People expect a lot out of you especially now, but, you know what. Take it day by day, and put your best foot forward always. Jump through those obstacles and embrace the journey because I promise it will be worth it!

20-year-old self, don’t forget to take deep breaths and cry. It’s definitely okay to cry. I know it isn’t easy waking up in the morning with a flood of emotions or even going to bed with tears in your eyes & a heavy chest. I know you probably tried your hardest to hold it all back. But, you probably just can’t. Not anymore at least. Cause I’m sure It was a long time coming, I know. But, just breathe. Pray & give it to God, you are strong & will overcome it. Trust me you already have. The hardest part is letting go of the burdens that bother you. You’ve already taken that one step when you gave it to God. Stay hopeful!

Try to enjoy your relationship, Ric is just as frazzled as you are. You may not think he is going through a lot of emotions. But, he is. Give him credit. At times you may despise one another, and other times completely enamored. He is going through his own roller coaster ride & the best thing to do is be open with one another, communicate. Oh, and 20-year-old-self, You won’t look at each other the same anymore. Remember that twinkle in his eyes and how you felt the butterflies in your stomach?  Yeah, that goes away… fix issues as they come-up. Don’t wait. Years of unfixed issues, many responsibilities and stress can really change a person. But, don’t give-up hope. The person you fell in love with is still somewhere in there. Hang-in there!

I’m sure you’re probably wondering, If you would’ve only gotten a glimpse of how life is going to be 8 years later, would you still take that same path? Would you turn back and change the things you could? Look at it this way, don’t sweat the bad things. The best part about life is the journey. The obstacles, the people who come into your life and quickly walk-out. Take all those and learn from them. Everyday is a new day to change things for the better. So, even though you may have had a rough start, your story is still yours. Never forget your worth.

You can do this! Don’t give-up!




Hello, From California!

Hello avid readers!

Before we jump into our California blog- I wanted to recap our tooth fairy mission was beyond a success, he even said, “Mommy, she left a mess of glitter!” My Husband said he was proud of me for even making the mess & leaving it. Yeah, I’m a clean freak by nature so even little messes like that irk me. ;]

Onto other matters, C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A!!! SO, we were supposed to go to Nevada for the weekend but, plans changed last minute and some circumstances came about we ended up detouring to California! Our trip wasn’t really planned, we kind of went about our weekend knowing that we had a day dedicated to a car show. Other than that, our schedule was pretty much open. Two weeks prior, we were in California for another car show, and so that trip was really focused more so on that. This trip, we decided would be more for the kids! We took an extra day coming up to California to really just enjoy the weekend, the weather, and enjoy our time together. When we arrived in California we enjoyed some California restaurants prior to arriving to our hotel. We let the kids unwind from being in a car for more than 6 hours– trust me, they needed to unwind! We let them romp around the hotel room, scope out there surroundings, fed them a snack, let them watch a little TV. At the same time, Ric was resting on the bed & I was logged onto my lap top to do some homework. (Yes, even on vacation I’m doing HW & checking-in at work). After an hour of that, we met up with one of my son’s God-Mother and we talked about some blogging matters and projects we are working on!! SO EXCITED!

After that, we walked around the hotel area, let the kids take in the nice weather, and jetted back to our hotel, ordered some room service, and got the kids settled for bed. The following morning we woke up early, bathed the kids and got them ready to head out to downtown Disney for breakfast. We ate at the Rain Forest cafe and walked up and down downtown Disney when we all spontaneously decided to go to Disney California Adventure!

I think I was more excited than my kids were, I was excited to be in the park, see some familiar faces and see some familiar areas and new ones as well! As we got into the park, we did the whole tourist thing, got autograph books an prepped to scope out some characters! Our first character encounter was Sofia the First! Kate’s absolute favorite! Unknowingly, I “knew” Sofia and instantly screamed! It was great seeing some old castmates while we were in the park!

Kate got a little spooked when I screamed. She was so excited to see Sofia, I kind of ruined it with my excitement! We trotted along DCA and jumped on some rides, ate some food, watched some shows, and let the kids see some characters!

We headed towards Cars Land where I let my Husband run rampage with some of our friends and let them enjoy DCA! Cars land was marvelous! My boys loved being able to see familiar cars, and locations similar to the movie!

I think that overall our trip was just fabulous! The weather really did take a toll on Katelynn and I though. We came home coughing, and just exhausted! It wasn’t until we got home, unpacked, and unwind that I realized how grateful I was for California weather! It was a whopping 110 degrees when we got into town! Ugh, I’m counting down the days to our next trip! And, it looks like that next trip is NEW YORK CITY! =]

Food for thought, we also realized that we are about 4 weeks away from the school year starting again.. ;] Just saying.. HAHAH!


Pinky G.


California 2015!

Ladies and Gents,

We just had a whirl wind of an adventure in California! The trip over included but, not limited too cars breaking down, getting pulled over by cops, getting split-up and setting off alarms. But, nonetheless our adventures in California may have been for a car show which was stressful, hot, and crazy– it was fun, empowering and inspiring! We had a few minor mishaps which might have lead to a visit to the ER, but, everyone is fine! The drive home wasn’t easy neither, a few car issues, getting split-up and getting home late. But, again, I wouldn’t have traded it for the world! I spent it with great people, and we are all looking forward to the next trip!

The kids had a blast! They were more excited than I was for the 6 hour (turned almost 8 hour) drive. It was Katelynn and Spencer’s first time in the ocean & Styler-Ian’s second. They had SO MUCH fun at the beach it was hard to take them home! Although, it is definitely nice to be home in our own beds, our own space, and less driving!

And, of course, here is video one:

Video number two is still being edited, and it has more of the “car version” of what or why we were in California!


Let me know what you think! Make sure to follow us on Snapchat: JustaMomof3 and on Instagram: @Pinky_Guerrero



Pinky g.