How My 8 Year Old Made Me Cry

Happy Monday, #GP5Fam! It’s been a crazy start to our week here in the Grr-arrow household! I mean when is it not ever crazy in my household, psh! Who am I kidding! I live with crazies! Haha! (facepalm)

Anyways, with hockey & figure skating in full swing. I barely can keep up with the household chores and sleep– speaking of sleep, I miss doing that. And, it’s usually when everyone is asleep, is when I can bust out the phone (or laptop) and get my thoughts on paper.

So, as a warning. We are gonna get sappy in today’s post. So grab your favorite blanket, get cozy on the couch, and grab some tissues & let’s get heartfelt! On today’s post, ”How My 8 Year Old Made Me Cry.”

Today guys, I was a parenting failure! You’re probably thinking I’m being over the top dramatic. And, I wish I was. My TDL was beyond overwhelming. I had emails to tend too, tasks to complete, calls to make and let’s not even get to my list of household chores that desperately needed to get done. I got up early to do some laundry, only to realize the clothes that were previously in the dryer were still wet. So the kids helped me get the wet clothes separated from the dry clothes and placed back in the drier to get dry.

After that, I started getting the sheets off my bed and started piling clothes for the next load of laundry. Mind you I still have a load in the wash, a load in the dryer. 3 piles outside my bedroom door that STILL needs to be done. Sigh. It just seems neverending. I was also on a time crunch as I still had to get Skyler’s homeschool assignments together. And, log on to work!

Time was not on my side today, even though I woke-up decently early. As loads of laundry were going, I scrambled to make sure everyone was fed- from the dogs, turtle and of course the kids!

Once that was ”somewhat” situated I launched my laptop and started on my emails. Simultaneously, I was working on some schooling issues for the upcoming school year which resulted needing to be done via a phone call. Of course, in perfect timing. Katelynn decided to have her full-blown tantrum, complete with ”exorcist” back arches and laying on the floor. All because I told her she couldn’t have fruit snacks for breakfast. Oh, and I stood my ground while I tended to my important phone call. Honestly, I should’ve just given her the damn fruit snack so I could get through my phone conference.

But, alas, In her best, high shrill, Katelynn sang the song of her people — loud enough for the poor lady I was talking to on the phone to hear. And, she politely said, ”Shes got some lungs on her”. Oh, If she only knew how I tried to muffle the sound on the phone so she couldn’t hear and failed epically to balance the phone off my shoulder & pick up a flailing 4-year-old off the floor. All while struggling to also hold a pen & notebook.

After picking Kate up, she was still whining and whimpering, as she still begged for the fruit snack. I continued to stand my ground and put Kate on the couch and walked away into another room so I can somewhat pay attention to what this lady was saying to me. I think I repeated every other sentence back to the lady, to confirm we were on the same page & in all honesty, just cause nothing was clicking.

I walked back out into the living room and put the phone on mute while the lady kept talking. I quickly tried to multitask and tend to Kate. Which resulted in a bigger meltdown cause she wanted to be held — which I, unfortunately, couldn’t do as I needed both hands as I was taking notes during the phone call.

After I no longer could take the whining, I turned on the TV and Thank heavens for Nick Jr, cause whatever show was on calmed Kate. And, after realizing fruit snacks were out of the question Kate drank her milk & ate cereal. (THANK GOD!)

Mind you through this whole Katelynn ordeal, Skyler was (as always) playing hockey in the living room. So I felt like I was playing dodgeball in the house trying to weave through and not get hit. Telling him to stop seemed impossible, also I don’t think he understood my ”miming” since I was on the phone.

Thankfully, I was able to go through my phone call, multitask on the laptop & go through emails. Still, laundry wasn’t done & homeschool didn’t start. My conference and emails took up a chunk of my time.

Once I was finally off the phone the kids reminded me that we needed to get cupcakes and cookies (something I had promised them last week). I packed all my electronics and earpiece and decided that my work would have to be mobile today.

When we got to the bakery we picked out our cupcakes, cookies and headed back to the car. As I loaded the kids into the car I dropped the box which resulted in all the frosting and cupcakes to turn upside down. Fabulous. I scrambled to save what decency the cupcakes had left and headed home.

I tried my best to hold myself together and figured, “What else could go wrong today?”  when we got home, my Husband was there to greet us. I was ready to cry and go in full-Mom-meltdown. And, then Skyler said something completely surprising.

He began to tell Ric about our day, and, I was just waiting for all the epic Mom fails, I had. But, he literally didn’t mention how stressed or frustrated I was. All he took out of the day was– regardless of how busy I was I took time to make Kate food, and turn on the TV for them, and that I drove them to get cupcakes and cookies. Skyle, looked at all the positives I did today, all my multitasking and was happy they got cupcakes and cookies regardless if it was half smashed.

I teared-up and Ric just looked at me like I was insane. I later went on to explain the day from my point of view. How crazy, chaotic it felt.

My kiddo for sure just served me a slice of reality and a good one at that. Perspective.





How My Boys Learned To Protect Themselves From An Active Shooter

He stood on top of the toilet & said, “this is what we were told to do when an intruder comes”…

Hello! (Crickets chirping) I know you’re probably wondering where I’ve been & what happened to post M-W-F as I advertise. Trust me, I know. But, Life happened.

So, much has happened this past two weeks – more than what I was ready to shoulder. An unexpected death, my return to school, my job, epic time management fails, motherhood, sports schedules, the Las Vegas shooting, new schools.. trust me the list can go on & on!

And, please don’t think I’m complaining. I’m not. It’s just life is happening and there is no way to stop it or slow it down. I can’t change what I can’t control. Even though I wish I could. Anyways, we have been rolling with the punches as they come. Staying positive & relying on faith and prayers that things will smooth out. I know they will.

As I lay in bed typing this blog, I’m just embracing this moment of silence. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a moment to myself. Silence is a great time to collect my thoughts. First off, my heart aches for the tragedy in Vegas, my heart aches for the world in general. Every day I find myself having to shed light or bring back some positivity in my kids’ lives. Both boys are fully aware of what’s going on in the world around them. They understand why People cry when someone passes, they understand why as Parents we are so concerned for their safety at such highly public places due to so much hate and unexpected chaos. They understand why Mommy & Daddy are protective of their overall well-being. They get all of that. But, what they can’t grasp is why other people would do harmful or bad things, just because. And, unfortunately, I can’t even try to explain why people do such bad things to others for no reason.

True story, the other day the boys came home from school and I heard them talking in the bathroom. I walked over to the bathroom and saw Skyler standing on the toilet. I asked why he was standing on the toilet & to get down. He said, “I was just showing Spencer. We learned it in our drill. If there is an intruder and we are in the bathroom that this is what we should do.”

As a parent, I was in shock. This is what the world has come too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the drills and protective matters the school teachers to ensure our children’s safety. But, I’m saddened by the fact someone could even walk into a school building and harm innocent children. Back when I was in elementary the only drills we practiced was the bus drill, Fire, and tornado drills. I’m just in awe!

See as parents we can only “shield” our kids from learning or understanding so many “bad” things. They’ll eventually learn about it in school, see it on tv, or Joe next door told Sally who told Billy who then told your kids on the bus. It’s inevitable.  I mean We can only hope that our kiddos know the difference between right and wrong & don’t fall into peer pressure and steer away from the bad, wrong things in life.

I learned the hard way from the boys entering elementary school. I now tell them if they question if something is good or bad to come ask an adult prior to whatever it is they’re attempting to do or say. I now get asked often if a specific word is a bad word cause one of their classmates says it, or if a certain tv show or character is appropriate to watch cause they saw it on YouTube. I’m glad my boys are open to communicating (right now) & I hope it stays that way.

I know that my Husband and I can only do so much in raising our tribe. SSK might be an incomplete understanding of our morals, values in our home but, as soon as they step foot out that door. It’s a different world. We constantly remind them of who they are. And, tell them to stay grounded and be humble. Cause apparently these days, even in elementary school it’s a TOUGH pond. Kids will tear you apart, they will eat you alive! There’s bullying, there are cliques, there’s so much negativity. It’s mind-blowing!

We always tell SSK to “be the change we want to see in the world.” To be the better, kinder person. We teach them to be everyone’s friend, to reach out and help others. We always tell them if you see someone sitting alone, be their buddy and sit next to them. We teach them to treat others with respect. We show them to be kind & use their manners. And, so on and so forth. I mean c’mon all I’m trying to do is raise my kids to be well-rounded, well-mannered individuals. Isn’t that all of our goals? And, I know for being 8,6 & 3 that they’re capable of being the change in the world because it’s the example I’m setting & the things I’m teaching, and the people I’m surrounding my kids with.

Now, I’m no Saint. I have my flaws & my children aren’t perfect angels. Trust me. But, I’m always trying to put my best foot forward. But, I have hope that my kids will make a positive impact in the world someday. And, as of now, the world needs more positivity & kinder hearts. The world needs to see change.

So, as I end this blog post for the night. I want to encourage you, in your moment of silence, think of all those whom we have recently lost. Think of all those tragedies the world has been seeing. And, really use the silence to steer you and guide you into what can we do to make the world better? What could we do to shine more positivity? It doesn’t have to be gigantic goals, baby steps are always great! For me, it’s teaching the next generation to be the change. To shed positivity & be kind. It might not do a lot, but, it will help!

Sending you love, positive vibes & blessings!


Why, I’ve Been Slacking

Hello, from a slacker 😅

I know, I forgot to post on Monday! Realistically, I didn’t forget. I knew it was Monday but, my schedule has been filled with Kiddo engagements!

Therefore, the title of “Mednesday” a blog post about Monday & Wednesday combined. You’re welcome! 😜

If you’ve been following me on Facebook (HERE) or Instagram (HERE). Then you’re familiar with my new sports inclined schedule! The boys have officially taken on sport club teams which now engulf my whole ENTIRE agenda! (I’m not kidding). I’m a calendar fiend! I absolutely schedule everything down to a “T”. My iPhone calendar is color coded & shared accordingly, my agenda in my home office coincides with my iPhone calendar & therefore everything is scheduled properly!

Monday’s are club practice nights and also a school night. Now, during the day I work from home & am currently studying for school. I’m also a Mom to a mischievous 3-year-old, that speaks volume all on its own. During the day, I’m swamped with emails, phone calls, calendar changes, making appointments, tending to Kate, chores or cooking. Once the boys come home they have an early dinner/snack, do some homework or quick studying & off to the rink we go!!

This is going to be the new norm. I’m grateful for our Nanny because right now, my brain is functioning but, I’m everywhere!! My schedule is about to get crazier once Spencer starts practicing for soccer within this next week!

Saturday’s are about to be official “Game Days” in our household. Soccer games in the morning & straight to hockey in the afternoon! I’ve already got my “Mom team shirts” ready! And, I’m grateful for my extra hands that help me!

I say this A LOT & it’s because it’s true. It takes a village to raise kids! I’m grateful for my family & friends who help with carpooling, lunches/dinners, attending games or practices to cheer my kiddos on. Or simply entertain my other kids when I’m helping another! Now, I do a lot on my own obviously, and Ric comes when work permits. But, I never decline the extra help if offered.

It’s officially humping day, I’m already ready for Friday 😂 I just want to shut my phone off and just not be connected to anything. I’m going to make that a routine to just “unhook” from my phone once a week! I’m constantly on it for work & it’s just draining!

My kids are growing older, they’re finding their niches and I don’t want to miss any of that. I’ve been doing great at just living in the moment. It’s invigorating!

Anyways, Check-out these photos of Sky tonight when he and Ric did some conditioning off the ice! Whether it’s on ice or off this kid just wants to constantly play hockey! I ain’t mad! Haha!

I’m excited to see Spencer start playing & Skyler to grow stronger in his skill! I hope you guys are excited too! Enjoy your Wednesday or “Mednesday”!



How Katelynn Began Homeschooling For PreSchool

We’ve got ourself a lefty!

The boys have officially entered their second week of school! I officially have a 3rd grader who will be 8 on Sunday & a first grader who will be 7 this November!

Kate is 3 and will be 4 this December-guys, where have my babies gone!? I’m loving these ages but, I do miss having a little baby nugget around!

If you’ve followed me since the beginning you know that I had put Skyler in pre-school at 3 years old. At 4 we continued pre-school at home & at 5 he was off to public school! Spencer stayed home at 3-4 years old and we homeschooled until he was off to public school at 5!

Kate will be homeschooled for pre-school and we will be doing a lot of play dates/co-op preschool play dates. I discovered that Kate is a lefty just like me! (Woo-hoo!) I always found it hard when I was teaching the boys to hold a pencil when they were 3 how to properly hold it with their right hand. So thankful the Hubby and Brother stepped in to help, cause quite frankly, I don’t know how to hold a pencil in my right hand. Feels strange and incorrect when I do! So when I noticed Kate’s left hand was more dominant I was ecstatic!

We busted out the letter flashcards, number flash cards, and our preschool workbook! Kate can recite her alphabet, count 1-20, she knows her colors and a good majority of her shapes!

My goal this time around is to work on letter recognition and sound recognition. I’ll let you guys know how that goes! (Haha)

Check out this cute little video of Kate tracing today =]

What’re your favorite study habits?

Lots of love,


The Ultimate Guide To The First Week Of School (2017 Edition)

Hello Readers!

How are you guys? I hope you’re enjoying August (cause it came out of nowhere!) the boys officially went back to school this week! (YAY!)

I’m lying, kind of, well — they started school on Wednesday. Haha! And, they also have Monday off.. (shrugs). We are finally getting back into the swing of things. We got new uniforms this year and the kids love their teachers!

I’m glad that we are consistent with schools this year. That was my biggest worry that they’d have to start all over again. Currently, the boys have no complaints… yet. I’ve kept them on their sleep schedule throughout the whole summer (Yes, I’m that Mom). But, thankfully it worked out in my favor! They wake-up before their alarm, get ready for the morning, eat breakfast and put the door they go! Happy Mama!

Now, if I can only say the same about my sleep schedule! Phew! I’ve been everywhere, my sleep has been fluctuating– one day I’m super exhausted the next night I could stay up and run laps! It’s frustrating and funny. On the nights I can’t sleep I play solitaire or watch a documentary! I love documentaries, so sometimes that makes it worst cause I end up binge watching a bunch of documentaries.

They will officially have a full week of school in two weeks. Haha! But, as of now, it’s been a smooth sail! Have your kiddos started school?
Happy back to school month!



This was their FIRST school picture together. My heart!



How I Became A Cuss Free Home

Ok, these past few months have felt like a whirlwind of events and I can’t even remember what happened, only because everything just happened —-so fast! By the time I was able to comprehend the date, a new month began. (-_-). Sigh.  There is just so much time to just enjoy life and everyone [positive]  in it– my new thing is to limit myself on any type of electronic  device. That includes: phone, computer/laptop which obviously includes, blogging. Gasp, I know right? As if I blog frequently anyways ;] I found that doing school online, marketing products online, and just constantly being in front of a computer for work, school or just because. . DRAINED me! I figure I only go on the computer to 1) Do HW, 2) Blog, 3) Check emails and most importantly 4) Go online and pay them bills! I try and control the urge to sit on my laptop to ‘surf the web’ or ‘watch youtube videos’ cause I find myself doing one thing online, then it quickly turns into another thing and cue 2 hours later my chores aren’t done, dinner is not ready, I have yet to go use the restroom, etc. So, hence why I haven’t blogged recently, and for those who messaged and noticed how I update in a lump sum- this is true! I find it much easier to update in a lump sum oppose to doing it every day or every week. I’ve also toned down on the social media- I only have twitter and Instagram. 95% of my posts on twitter are direct links from my Instagram ;] And, even there I try my hardest to be frugal of my postings! What has happened to me?! ;]

I contemplate reactivating my Facebook but, I honestly don’t want to get consumed into other peoples status updates, and sit there forever just reading fB madness! I’d rather read a book- no offense! I love how Facebook can connect you with family and friends, but, I need to be better at managing my time then sitting there for hours just reading and such! I just realized I am better off when I am kind of off the grid ;]

Anywho, for those who messaged me– I hope that answers that.

Ready for some family updates?! GREAT!

Ric: He has been working hard at work (like always), and has been prepping cars for the car show in California this coming May! We are excited to be bringing some of our cars this year into the show and be able to have a vacation as well with the whole gang! It is exciting!


Pinky: I recently did a photo shoot for Levi’s Jeans and modeled some of their items, I am currently finishing up my project withe PearsonVue education. I also started working part-time/PRN at Phoenix Children’s Hospital & have been working hard at school! I begin going on campus starting in May for my nursing classes! EEK!


Skyler-Ian: Little man recently received an award for Good Character and being trustworthy, and another award for being a Good Student! He received two certificates and a medal! We are SO proud of Skyler-Ian! He is also excelling in math (so asian..haha), and reading his sight words! Skyler, also got accepted into a private school and we are excited! We haven’t really decided where he or Spencer are going next year.

Skyler-Ian receiving award


Spencer: Spencer is doing great with shape & color recognition as well as numbers & letters. We are practicing a lot of our letter annunciation & pronunciation! He is eager to go to school and be with Sky!


Katelynn: Where do I even begin?! Kate is such a character and I can’t even accept the fact she will be two this year! [heartbreaks]. She is such a sassy one year old, such a girl! She loves putting shoes on, brushing her hair & anyone’s hair as a matter of fact! She loves holding clothes up against her and seeing herself in the mirror. She loves brushing her teeth (or eating toothpaste, to each their own), and bath time! Oh, she also has an obsession with belly buttons.. more specifically her own! ;]


As a Family overall, we have been working together on being more respectful and kind to one another. Being more patient (which is VERY hard sometimes), and understanding of one another and using kind words. Recently, Sky has been learning some inappropriate language that he learns at school (We weren’t to thrilled about it as we are a CUSS FREE HOME!) We figure that if we can set a better more positive attitude towards one another it will be much more stress free. Since I have been working, its rare that Ric & I ever get a day off together simultaneously. Tomorrow is the first day in little over a month in which we are off on the same day! We have been balancing alternating watching the kids (huge shout out to the best Brother/Uncle/Godfather – Jayar & once in a while my Grandmother aka Nanay & of course my Mom!) Mostly, its between, Ric, myself and my Brother. PHEW! It takes a team of three to get this house running correctly, but, I’m beyond grateful that Ric coordinates with my work schedule. Although, I do get slightly jealous that they’ll be at Chuck e Cheese while I’m working. AHAH!


Some of our goals this year include:

  • Becoming debt free!
  • Buying our first home!
  • Go to Disney!

These might not seem a lot but, we are taking baby steps to bigger and better things in our lives & we are thrilled to share the journey with you all! Hope you enjoyed our updates ;]




How I Became a SAHM And A Working Mom

Like my title? I was never really good in math, or being creative in titles– so hopefully you can decipher that as you please. But, nonetheless, when I look at it- it seems straight to the point.

9 times out of 10 I get told, “You’re so lucky you’re a stay at home Mom! You have all the time to do whatever you want and sleep-in, hang-out!”  insert-evil laugh- Yeah, No. I think there are a lot misconceptions of being a “SAHM” vs working Mom, or all of the above. I don’t get to sleep-in, I don’t get to do whatever I want. I run my household off of a routine, that even includes me and the two other kids I have who don’t go to school yet. I think Mom’s/Dad’s or both Parents in general work in order to provide for their family, and at times that truly means balancing both duties as a “stay-at-home- parent” and a working parent. But, just cause some Parent’s don’t work doesn’t mean they… “don’t work”. ;] Get it? HAHA!

Here is what a typical day looks like in my household as a “SAHM”:

6:00am: First alarm goes off (Husband wakes up and gets ready for work, I get-up and let Dog out)

6:15-20am: Husband Leaves for work (Let Dog back in & feed, and refill water, Read daily devotional).

6:30am: My alarm goes off (I get-up, check on the “should-be” sleeping baby, sneak into the boys’ room, wake-up oldest child to get ready for school, and wake-up an [almost, always grumpy- not-a-morning-person] toddler [most likely, puts up a fight EVERY morning],  I quietly run sprint out of that room, go to the kitchen pack my oldest Son his lunch/snack for the day, as well as a quick breakfast to-go. Go back into my boys’ room check on both boys, and of course the toddler who fell asleep – again. And, the oldest should-be up and getting ready. This point, once everyone is semi-situated I start getting ready!)

6:45am: Second alarm goes off – to remind me we need to leave in 15 minutes! (At this point, we are cutting close to time. The oldest needs to be in school by 7:15 am, we live approximately 10-15 minutes away from the school, but, that doesn’t include, school traffic, bus traffic, etc. Dun, dun, dun! I have to wake-up the grumpy toddler, and verbally cue him get ready for the morning. (“Don’t forget to go potty, brush your teeth, wash your hands, etc.”). This is usually, when I wake-up sleeping beauty, if she hasn’t already awaken by the madness her brothers are causing! Thankfully, she is a happy morning baby, and will quietly babble, observe, play with her crib toys, or just lay quietly until I pick her up. I quickly get her dressed, grab all her bottles we have accumulated through the night, and get those in the sink. 

6:50am: (Everyone is getting shoes on, back packs together, and that includes, diaper bag/purse, etc. I get everyone loaded and safely buckled into the car. Head down to the school which again is about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic [which there ALWAYS is].

  • Scenario A (Arriving at 7:00am – if I get lucky and we miraculously make it in time to beat the school parking lot traffic, we are usually in line for the parent-drop off and patiently wait our turn. By the time, all the cars get into the lot, and we go into a semi-circle, I put my hazards on [but, I’m not supposed to] and get out of the car [you’re not supposed to], and unbuckle Sky, and give him his belonging and give him his hug and kiss, then send him off to school. [**The parent drop-off every morning is quick, no parents should be getting out of their car, or stopping in traffic. Unfortunately, THIS Mom does, because I like to make sure my Son has everything, and that I do take that moment to give him some love before his day starts. That’s just me though, I do see other parents doing it too!**] Skyler, will literally make it perfectly at 7:10 am with time to walk casually, through the gates, to drop off his lunch box and bag, then join his class at the playground.)
  • Scenario B (this scenario usually means the bell rings while we are still in the parent drop-off line, meaning we got caught in the traffic, and it literally feels like a “stop, drop, and roll-out of the car” moment. Nonetheless, I still get out of the car, get Sky together and still send him off with a hug and kiss, late or not. [They have 3 bells, so normally he is ok..].

7:30am We dropped off Skyler, and I hurry back home so that I can get breakfast ready for both toddler and baby. As soon as we get home, I remind again, potty and wash you hands and sit at the table. I get the baby ready and situated in her booster chair for breakfast. I turn on VeggieTales to keep both kids occupied in the mean time as I get either cereal, waffles/pancakes, eggs/bacon, or whatever the request maybe for breakfast. Then I serve the food, I let the baby feed herself (with minor accompaniment), and the toddler feeds himself. I also get drinks set as well. When my little toddler is done eating, he takes his plates/utensils/cup and clears it if there are any remaining food fragments and places them in the sink. He pushes in his chair and goes to the bathroom to wash his hands. This time, Baby K has already created a disaster on the floor by throwing everything off of her tray, if she is already full. There are also breakfast remmnants in her hair as proof! 

7:45am Around this time, I have already unbuckled Katelynn and took her to the bathroom to get cleaned up, freshened, and teeth brushed. I’ll bring her back out into the living room where her Brother is watching ‘VeggieTales,’ and set-out some ‘quiet’ toys for her to tinker with. I set-up my barricades so that she doesn’t go into the: dogs kennel, the hallway, backyard, or kitchen. I go back into the kitchen and start placing things in the sink.

8:15am  Both kids are usually distracted by VeggieTales, or by their toys. That I begin my morning chores. First, off- kitchen! I do the dishes, put away items, sweep up the floor, wipe down the counters, clean-up the seats/high chair. Straighten and organize counter space, seating, and table. Once that is all done, I’ll go back over the barricade and with the help of my toddler, start putting away toys. I’ll turn off the TV and both kids go into the master bedroom/playroom. Once again, I have that room baby gated, and the kids are playing. I’ll go back into the living room to clean-up. 

**If its Monday, we participate in a weekly playdate every Monday from 9am-noon! In that case, our Monday schedule gets shifted down an hour & most of our cleaning and chores occur after 230pm!** 

8:45-9:00am Living room clean-up (depending on the severity of it), requires vacuuming, wiping down tables and couches, light dusting, light pick-up. And, I also vacuum the hall ways that attach to the living room. I’ll also throw in a load of laundry.

9:15am Thankfully, both the kitchen and living room are complete. I’ll join the kids in the master bedroom, and check Baby’s diaper, change it, and switch out some toys and lay out a few books. This is our potty time. Again, sometimes a friendly, verbal cue is necessary.

9:30am-10:30am  This is usually around the time the Baby wants to go down for a nap. Sometimes (and, lately) she hasn’t been. So, I usually log-on to the computer at this time and start my online classes. (I’m currently attending GCU to obtain my Bachelors). I’ll finish as much of my homework, reading, and studying I can do with a Baby using me as a jungle gym and of course still pay attention to both Baby and toddler. The first load of laundry should be tossed into dryer by now (if I remember), and then I’ll start another load. (Our household generally has about 3-5 baskets of laundry a week).

10:45am This is when I usually take a break. I’ll start folding the first load if I remembered to turn the drier on, if not then this is when I’m still drying the first load. 

11:00am I’ll mosy along back into the kitchen to see what I can conjure up for lunch. I’ll bring the kids out of my room, back into the kitchen and have them sit for a snack while I make lunch. 

11:45-11:50am Hopefully by this time, lunch is prepped, cooked, and served. (If I’m lucky, with no distractions). I’ll cut up pieces that needs to be cut, and clean up my cooking area. Usually, I let the kids eat first before I sit and eat. I make sure they’re all situated and taken care of before I sit down. This is so I don’t get any distractions while I’m eating, which usually happens. 

NOON At this time, I have to take the baby off of her chair, clean her up, and get a sip of milk for her so she can nap. For sure, the Baby will go down for a nap since she did not take her morning nap. She usually by now have dosed off amongst her stuffed animals or in my arms. Spencer cleaned up his plates and has found a toy, book, or workbook to do while I eat. Usually, an easy workbook, that he can do. Or we practice our letter pronunciation. 

12:15pm I get up and start cleaning the kitchen (again), in the midst of this I know I’ll remember the laundry and go switch that load, or start it over (again). Run back to the kitchen, finish cleaning the dishes, wipe down the counters (again), sweep the floor, (again). Reorganize the kitchen and have Spencer clean up his area. We go back into the master bedroom where the baby is asleep, I’ll start folding or finish folding the laundry at this point. God forbid, I’m hopeful that I’m on the second load of laundry and that I have the third and final (hopefully) squared away in the washer or drier.. If I remembered.

12:30-12:45pm The Baby should still be sleeping, and I will take this opportunity to log-on to do HW again, or finish my quizzes. I’ll simultaneously check-up on emails and reply back to whomever. I’ll also log on to the blog, and update. Run some marketing things via social media. And, continue doing some HW. I let Spencer watch one movie in the afternoon (as much as possible, I encourage more play time vs tv time). But, I do let him play educational games that we download via iPad, or play video games. 

1:00pm The Baby should be waking-up at around this time, sometimes she is still sleeping. So, I let her. I have Spencer clean up his area, and we start getting ready to head out the door for errands, and to go pick up Skyler at school. I’ll cue Spencer to get ready, or at least grab his jacket and socks, and then I’ll get the Baby ready. More than likely, I have to change the baby again .. cause Babie’s always have a mess of some sort. ;] After both kids are ready, I’ll make sure I look Human enough togo outside without looking like a mess. 

1:25pm-1:45pm We are hopefully, out the door by now and headed to the grocery store, list in hand (who am I kidding, I’m sure I left the list on the counter..). Once we get to the grocery store, we go for fruits, veggies, meat products, and of course dairy products. Once we obtain all those, we make our way towards the check-out line. Hoping I didn’t forget anything. (I know I forgot something). 

1:50 pm  I’m driving towards the school to pick up the oldest to make it just in time for the parent pick up curb. We get in line amongst all the traffic and do the what seems like the do-se-do around the curb to find your kid and pick them up.

2:30pm This is usually the longest, due to all the kids leaving school, the crowd of people, and amount of cars. We are lucky to get out of the parking lot by 2:30 the latest. From here we head home. 

2:45pm I unload the kids, have them wash their hands, potty breaks. I get the baby cleaned, freshened and seated in her booster with a snack. The boys get their belongings situated. Skyler gets his folder and lunchbox on the counter, freshens up and both boys sit at the table. While all this is going on, I run out to the car, unload the groceries. Once I get the groceries in the house the boys have a snack while I prep dinner. 

3:00pm While dinner is prepping/marinating or whatever it maybe. I’m helping Skyler with homework while the other two are playing. Once we finish Sky’s homework we go ahead and he clears everything away. 

3:15-3:50pm I’ll sign back on to the computer, try and get some more school work done. I do this for about 20-30 minutes. I take breaks in-between a few problems, to play with the Baby, read a book to the kids. Then go back and read a chapter for school. I’ll also participate in forum discussion in school during this time. 

4:00pm If weather permits, I like to bring the kids out back, or to the park. I normally try to schedule a playdate so that they kids are active and aren’t cooped up at home. This is the only downtime I probably will have. I use this for a time to unwind, catch up on my planner, organize the bills, and get my phone calls together. I’m either following up with my agent, work, or calling people and following up with my affiliation programs. 

4:30-445pm We go back home, clean up, and freshen. Some point around 3-4:50pm all three will go down for a nap. Which usually lasts a little over an hour. When they go down for a nap, I’ll put away the folded laundry, finish folding all the clothes, and hopefully have them put away. 

5:00-5:30pm Since all three are asleep, I finish up the chores. I’ll recheck the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. I’ll log back onto the computer, read another chapter, answer a few homework questions. And, start cooking. 

545-6:00pm I take this time to start cooking, the kids usually get up by like 6:15pm (ish), and will fall back asleep around 9pm for bedtime. While I cook, I normally am online catching up on the blog, social media, responding to emails. The kids wake-up in waves, so once the two boys are up, they opt for a light snack such as a fruit. 

6:15-6:50pm Food is done cooking, I get the kids fed. I set aside a plate for my Husband and myself. I get the kids fed. Once, they’re finished, the boys clean-up and sit back down for dessert (if I made one). After dinner, all three kids get a bath. Once, I get them all bathed, boys change themselves, and I get the baby cleaned up. I pop in another VeggieTale episode or movie, and back to the living room the kids go. Toys, books, they’re occupied. 

7:00pm-7:30pm I start cleaning up the kitchen, dishes, counters, etc. By now, the Husband should be pulling into the driveway. I get our dinners heated up, and we get to eat while the kids are occupied. I quickly chow down, and start getting the kids calm to get ready for bed. 

7:45pm-8:00pm I help get the kids teeth brushed, everyone has gone to the bathroom. We prep our beds, say our goodnight prayers, do our hugs and kisses. Then I leave the boys in their room, and take the Baby to her crib. Do our nightly cuddles, and prayer. And, I’ll give her a little milk (if she is fussy) and just lay her down in her crib. She usually falls asleep on her own. 

8:15-8:50pm AHHH!! Quiet household! (sometimes), this period is usually when I chat with the Husband who is done eating, showered, and is following-up on his emails. If I’m lucky no kid pops out from the hallway to say they’re not tired, which in this case is what we call the “go back to bed cha-cha,” its the task of escorting Child back to bed, another prayer, another snuggle, and off to bed they should go. (Depending on which child). Hopefully, I join him in the living room. After quickly picking up the kitchen, living room areas. 

9:00pm-midnight This is bedtime for EVERYONE! But, of course this is the only quiet, quiet time where I won’t get any distractions, or interruptions. I’ll quickly pick up toys, and quickly make sure and double check everything from doors, stoves, kids, etc. I’ll check the laundry (Cause I normally will forget them), either restart them, or re-dry them. I’ll go back to my room and launch my computer, where I fully focus on my math homework. I’m not good at math so this usually takes me a few hours. In this case… I was up until 1:30am. But, I COMPLETED all my homework, quiz and exam for this week which was due on Sunday! PHEW! 

2:30-3:00am Baby is teething so for the past few weeks, we have been having early morning cuddle sessions at this time. Also, this time (for some reason) is when our night walkers sneak into our bed. In this case, I always lay out a blanket on the floor equipped with pillows and a comforter for when each boy, or one boy walks in and wanders and falls asleep. Thankfully, they only wander into my room and no where else. 

6:00am Start all over ;]

This would be a typical, “Good”, quiet day! In some instances, I have work errands and meetings, phone calls, and have to travel for auditions, and things with kids in tote! But, I’ll save that schedule for another blog ;] I think both roles working/sahm should get props, high fives, and a deep tissue massage! I believe that both efforts are put in where the need to be. Just cause one brings home the bacon, doesn’t mean the other one is just bacon grease! LOL!

Nonetheless, I love my chaotic schedules, and over stuffed routines. I find that God’s purpose for me is quite challenging, but, worth it! What’s your schedule like?




The Ultimate Fail

I think I get a BIG, fat, “F” for this year for blogging. I’m sorry for the lack of update. AHH! So here is the low down on the Guerrero household.

Skyler-Ian: SIR, has been busy with kumon and learning to read and write! He is perfecting his  letters, and reading basic words like, “up”, “hop”. His teacher actually just came up to me and told me that he is doing fantastic! So proud =]

Spencer: Spence, has been a bit of a trouble maker lately. We are looking into putting him into pre-school into the same pre-k program SIR was in when he was 3! For now, Spence is still ALL “monkey see, monkey do.”

Katelynn: Our Princess, is officially 3 months old and will be 4 months old on April 1st! She learned to roll on both her left and right side. Is able to pick up her head during tummy time, is babbling tons! A big drooler, and we can spy 2 little top teefies coming in! Dun, dun, dun! She is super chunks too!

Ric: Just recently had sinus surgery! Hallelujah! It was a long road to recovery but, nonetheless We are blessed and excited that he can actually taste, smell, again! Its the little things he took advantage of!

Pinky: For myself, trying to man down the home. Be a fantastic Mom, and a superior Wife! I’ve been back at work at Pinnacle Family Medicine. So, hence the lack of blogging. HAHA!

The Guerrero family is doing FAB, and busy! Especially, with summer coming up! My lack of blogging and VLogging is really bumming me out. I have tons of footage to edit! haha!

I promise, bear with me. It will all be up soon ;]

Instagram: @pinkyguerrero and @riiiiic (5 i’s)